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Avatar: Legit
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: August 29
Date Joined: September 13, 2007
Last Active: May 24, 2019 at 11:23:58 PM
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Biography of
Corporal Brock “Legit” Vik'en
Stormtrooper Corp Archives

Name: Brock Vik'en
Callsign: Legit
Age: 36
Height: 5'8
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Physical Build: Slender & Muscular
Homeworld: Kuat
Languages Spoken: Basic, Kuati.


Early Years

Over the sea brooded a turbulent darkness deeper than any storm, blacker than any dusk. The haze of disaster and war covered what was once a shipyard, or nowadays a cemetery. The production industries have made some of the most feared capital ships in the galaxy during the Galactic Civil War. Kuat didn’t serve any side in particular, but after the Old Republic’s collapse, its direction headed towards the Galactic Empire and so did many other planets in the system.


Brock’s father was a hardworking man, earning his paycheck weekly designing parts for industrialized ships. His mother was just like any other middle-class civilian: cropping anything she could find at the market to produce more of it to feed him and his brother. There were a few bumps on the road, but the family proved to retain a middle-class title, barley hanging on as the parents aged and the brothers grew into adolescence. Brock’s brother wasn’t the type of son his dad hoped he would be, thus his father looked upon Brock a guy he can leave his legacy with. His father was a military brat, serving in the Imperial Navy as a pilot in his younger years. When he retired, his hopes were for his sons to live their lives the way he did, serving either the Imperial Corps or the Navy to support what proved to be the superpower of the Galaxy. Still young and blinded, Brock was enlisted by his father in a civilian militia infantry in Tatooine. From Squad Tactics to Offensive and Defensive Deployment were some of the elements he learned during his active service. There he met his love of his life, Trina. Beautifully bright hazel eyes and chanting face lit up his eyes the first time they met. They were both had a strong character, never holding back their thoughts from each other and assertive enough to argue over what they believed in. Both served nearly three years in the infantry, training in day-shifts and night-shifts for a week straight. Few times in the day they had a five hour breaks to sleep and have something to eat. That break was all they had, and sometimes the infantry will take long breaks such as two week rest and back to intensive training once again. The civilian corps trained some of the mightiest soldiers in Tatooine. Rarely, The Galactic Empire will consider recruiting whomever they thought fitted well to join them and made an impressive remark in the infantry helped them make that decision.

The days passed, and Brock’s relationship with Trina grew, leading them to have intimate affairs. Shortly, they ended up having their first son, remarking a new step in both their lives. Although they were short of money at the time; barely hanging on because of the small paychecks the infantry gave them for their service. Bringing a new son to the picture didn’t help, but Brock couldn’t worry about that, he was just blessed to have a sibling. His parents were already elderly and almost their time, and he didn’t know anything about his brother since. His son and love of his life were the only two souls keeping him focused and determined to go through the obstacles they were both going through as that time.

At birth, his son’s name was Duke Basilic Vik. Four years old and still a blinded child, Duke grew to be a jubilant, always hoping for things to get better between Brock and Trina. They always argued because simply enough, they didn’t have enough money to support the baby and themselves on the same roof. As the economic struggle grew, they couldn’t stand a common ground to resolve problems. Rather they argued just to relief the stress from the final year of training in the Infantry. Unfortunately, Duke had to experience the entire trauma at a young age. Brock and Trina were young and inexperienced, already having their heads in tough situations and even worse having a son in the wrong time. As much as they tried to hide the drama from their son, it was inevitable. They needed to get money to pay all their debts and expenses, or else they’ll be living in the suburbs, left to die just like many innocent orphans in the streets.


It was a placid afternoon in Tatoonie. There were only a few weeks left until graduation and they were both on break for a week. Inside, Brock blinked awake inside the tent, holding his hands over his eyes. Exhausted and unwilling to finish the last weeks of training was his mood at the time. But that all changed. A few Imperial Recruiters waited for him just outside his house. Trina was the first one to notice. She echoed a screech reaching Brock’s consciousness. As they stepped outside their house, four military personnel stood firmly. The Imperial Recruiters offered to recruit him into the Vast Empire. He was thrilled at first, but broke down in tears afterwards. Noticing the economic stance he was at the time proved more important than what his father hoped for him to become one day. An internal struggle stroked him suddenly. Not knowing whether to feel confused, disillusioned or a failure led him to drop to his knees. He breached as Trina broke down in tears, snuggling close to him and laying her head in his shoulders. Emotionally stroked, the infantry training officer who stood besides the four recruiters murmured to one of the troopers. Noticing their distress, the recruiter had no choice to be generous and offer them loan money. The crying evolved to a sob as hey both managed to gain their composure moments after. When all seemed hopeless, a miracle strokes them all the sudden. But something was off. They were being WAY too generous in their part. And just as he thought, the recruiters wanted Brock to serve the Vast Empire for life and in return; Trina and his son will have the Loans to recover their economic status. Brock later on had to pay the loans himself with the monthly paychecks, but that was the last thing that ran through his mind.

Brock grabbed all the things he had in his personal possession and neared the lateral ramp of the ship parked a few meters away.

“Take care good care of our son..”

“Don’t worry about that, you just make sure you return soon.” Trina started to sob, wiping-out the tears slowly making their way down her cheek.

Then both hugged and kissed, saying the final goodbyes. And all the sudden, a high pitched voice could be heard indistinctively, but enough to catch Brock’s attention.

“Daddy… will you ever come back?..” A three year old Duke stood leaning against the wall with one the toys he was playing with.

A handful of emotions stroked him, and he didn’t know what to say. He knew Duke was old enough to understand, so lying to him wouldn’t make things any better. Unsure and hoping he’ll answer without having to regret it, he said the final words to his son before having to walk up the ramp.

“Don’t worry my son, daddy will be back just in time to see you grow into an adult.”

Brock took a last look before turning back just to catch the turbines spinning and the ship’s ramp lowering into the ground. Inside, Brock seated next to a window just to catch Trina and his son waving at him from a distance as the ship elevated. As the ship ascended, a dim light reflected through the window and into Brock’s face. A tear trailed his cheek and dropped, sparkling as the light penetrated it and brought out more sensitive side Brock didn’t know about himself.

Return to Tadath

The crowd of re-enlisted troopers paced the hangar hoping to depart to their assigned squad. Brock lashed and clipped his load-bearing gear as he made his way up the ramp. He didn’t have a clue, and hoped that the mission will prove far less exhausting than his last one. Being the first one to depart; no one spoke after the ship lifted off. The engine noise overwhelmed all other sound, walling off each mind within the compass of its own skull. Inside, Brock was rolled aboard and folded over his rifle, tucking the scope into his gut, protecting his zero. The flight captain and deck crew all managed to stumble lightly, as the impenetrable night hurtled by as they gathered speed. Overlooking the scenery from the cockpit’s window was a panoramic view unlike any other. The sky was just overcastting a black color, so dark, that it sealed off the stars. The million of troops could be seen slightly as the ship’s motor engine howled and flared a blue color just above them. Ten dark figures lay tumbled in the cargo compartment, all of them including Brock. Looking consciously ahead was a trooper narrowing his head towards his chest. Brock’s only reaction was if the trooper was even alive.

The cockpit’s door opened slightly, letting out a dim of light reflect in Brock’s face. The crew, who all seemly woke up from a pinch of light, scattered in a lineup formation. Brock shortly followed as the Lieutenant made his way through the crowd.

“I am Lieutenant Timms. Welcome to flight 36-C in direction to planet Endor. In a few moments we will be past the stratosphere and into hyperspace. So I suggest you embrace the buckle before I have troopers flying all over the ship.” The Lieutenant headed out the Cockpit’s door as each trooper extended a salute. Brock peered through the small opening of the Cockpit’s door just enough to catch Lieutenant Timms, and the pilot pulling the stick inwardly. As the nose rose up, the engines could be seen flashing a stronger color as they ascended the ship into hyperspace. The deck shuddered, tilting as the pilot maneuvered through a sporadically assortment of asteroids. Even with the buckle strapped on, the crew lost their mental toughness, trying with all their might, not to crap their trout’s. Brock nodded at their reactions, thinking whether he was inside a ship bearing the mightiest troopers in the galaxy or a complete hen-house.

Moments after the stumbling what proved to be an asteroid belt, the crew found themselves just inside the solar system where Endor could be seen thousand of miles away. Brock huddled along with the crew near the window as the ship moderated its speed. Noticeably, the green and blue planet illuminated the already blackened vicinity. All of the sudden, the turbines howled, and the fuselage swayed. G forces pressed the crew and retained them far back into the cargo area. Brock who was strapped on next to the window wasn’t affected. His lips moved silently, still tilted in that faint amused curve as they crew made their way to their seats. A faint of light clicked on, Brock’s comm-link amplified a voice to catch his attention. Lines of text moved horizontally from left to right. As he would have thought, it was his old friend Luckystar briefing him that the squads were waiting for him in hangar bay. He was rather amused by all the commotion, but then again Lucky was always that type of person that will gather her troops to welcome one of her old friends or anyone new to the squad.

The pilot squatted the ship even lower as he neared hangar bay, almost shaving the terrain with the aircraft’s belly. Brock was down thirty feets now, and could see the culmination of troopers waiting in two separate packs. The ship hovered the hangar and landed its legs well in the ground. As the ramp lowered, the crew saluted Brock as he neared the lateral ramp that was softly making its way down. From a small opening, he saw a lot of unfamiliar faces. Everyone had their casual attire, that which you wear to a party and often around your house. He felt quite unfitted at first, but as he glanced into the individual faces, he could see another trooper wearing a stormtrooper amour, and was just rather glad he wasn’t the only one.
Stormtrooper Corps
Corporal Legit, Vast Empire Army
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TRP/CPL Legit/Iron Horse/Retired/VEA/VE
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