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Casca's Profile Information
Callsign: Casca  Send a message to Casca
ComNet Rank: ComNet Cadet
Avatar: Casca
Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: January 20
Date Joined: March 7, 2007
Last Active: August 20, 2023 at 4:20:03 PM
Number of Posts: 240
ID Line: CBO|CPO Casca|VSD Dead Gun|W:1 "Javelin"|TF:R|2Flt|VEN|VE (=*A*=)(=*SA*=)(=*BO*=)[VC:B][SWC][BRC][NS-2]
Biography: Transmission #05022007-2
Profile for pilot SDJ-75-13 Casca Phennir.

-=**This information is classified and intended only for officers within the 75th Galactic Empire's Fighter Wing at or exceding a rank equivilent to Flight Colonol or Galactic Imperial Officers outside the 75th at or exceding the rank of Vice Marshal(IN) or Major General(IA). **=-


Casca was born on Carida as the son of an Imperial pilot in training. His mother was the daughter of a local politician who raised Casca on her own after his father left to join the 181st. Casca's childhood was centered on the academy. With no real father figure in his life, Casca turned to the instructors at the academy for guidance. He eavesdropped on pilot lessons and learned every trick of the academy ten times over. After years of sneaking into and around the base, the officers at Carida became accustomed to his presence and began allowing him to wander where he wanted, like a child adopted by the academy. When Casca was finally inducted into Carida, he passed with flying colors and at the top of his class. He was immediately assigned as a flight leader in the 74th Starfighter Wing of the Galactic Imperial Navy.

During his career with the 74th, Casca showed his potential as a pilot, killing 20 enemy fighters in just nine sorties. He was bumped up to Boar Squadron commander where he continued his success. Popularity amongst senior officers granted him a placement into the newly revived 75th Starfighter Group. The 75th had been reopened as a development wing before being transferred into the 181st. Casca started out as Orion Squadron executive officer and eventually was promoted to SC. Casca's only goal was wing commander. It had been his ambition since he had learned what a wing was. He spent every free minute he had in simulators, and even had the ship's computer officer upgrade the difficulty of the programming for more challenging sims. He had almost secured the position when the commander of the ship his wing was assigned to was caught in a pirate skirmish.

The pirate group Red Dragon Alliance had been smuggling weapons to Rebel encampments in the outer rim. The 75th had been instructed to neutralize the group and any remains of them. Casca, now the wing adjutant, coordinated the entire attack, using a modified star destroyer(mISD-II Justice) that had been condemned and marked for dismantling. The destroyer was a decoy, holding 36 tie interceptors and 24 tie fighters within its hull. As soon as the destroyer emerged from hyperspace, the fighters began to file out and the ship's crew transferred onto assassin class corvettes.

The 75th, aided by the 74th, converged onto the pirate Ace Wing and the Korribian Battle class Cruiser Helsa. Casca's performance in the battle was phenomenal, but Ace Wing, flying modified Z-95's and A-wings, wiped through the unshielded crafts and began to target the corvettes. Failure to predict the number of enemy fighters doomed the battle and only two corvettes and twenty fighters escaped. The corvette holding many of the senior officers, and the ship captain, had been lost. Casca, insisting that the pirates predicted the attack and fed them bad information, was charged with treason and placed into the brig of a CR-90 diplomatic cruiser to be transported for execution.

Casca was able to trick the guards into bringing him to the med bay where he fought them off for his freedom. He released a lethal dose of nitrous oxide into the ship and took control of it for himself. He piloted the corvette to the outer rim where he sent a distress call to VE forces, remembering a rumor that they would take defectors. Although his effort and history with Thrawn meant nothing, he had his skills as a pilot and his determination to exact revenge on the RDA at all costs.

Casca has a seriousness about flying that makes him seem almost inhuman while in the flight seat. Casca doesn't like talking about his past, since he is still sore from his fall from greatness. In fact, that soreness has hindered his flying ability since he is always focusing on avoiding mistakes. Casca has ben known to run the distance of a star destroyer as self-chastizement for the most minimal of mistakes.

Casca is stubborn but congenial. He will defend his point adamantly but strays from insubordination. He wears his blond hair short, army style and his blue eyes are almost always cold, bitter, and serious. He doesn't like to deviate from what he is used to, and changes in routine agitate him. He is almost always in uniform, and when someone asks him his name, he gives them his rank. It was these inhuman characteristics that earned his squadron's respect during his time with the Galactic Empire.

Casca refers to others by ranks and sometimes the additional last name. Sir is the most commonly used word in his vocabulary and it is preceded by yes 99% of the time. Casca's favorite maneuver is the Roll-away, ironic because he is always direct when dealing with anything. If something goes wrong with a craft, he goes strait to the tech that prepped it for combat. While others are drinking and celebrating, Casca is running through sims and finding out how he could have done better. Casca can be found drinking only on formal occasions such as military balls and banquets.

Success is not enough; Casca strives for perfection in all he does. He carries the Imperial opinion that lives are indeed expendable for the Empire. The success of the mission comes before all else, and he would willingly throw do anything if ordered. Although ex-Thrawnist, his loyalty remains with the first Emperor. He does not fly incom ships, he is not a smuggler, he does not associate himself with rebels, and he does not believe in anything but uniformity.

Last Rank and Position:


WAdj SC/Major Casca "Black Curse" Phennir/Flight 1/Boar Squadron/75th Starfighter Group/ISD-II Karmack/Blade OFF GESF/GEN/GE


End Transmission...

CBO|CPO Casca|VSD Dead Gun|W:1 "Javelin"|TF:R|2Flt|VEN|VE (=*A*=)(=*SA*=)[VC:B][SWC][BRC][NS-2]

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