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Tanus Solvona's Profile Information
Callsign: Tanus Solvona  Send a message to Tanus Solvona
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Tanus Solvona
Division(s): VE - Imperial Center Staff
VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: March 26
Date Joined: December 22, 2006
Last Active: September 17, 2018 at 12:21:55 AM
Number of Posts: 744
ID Line: PC/PSG Tanus Solvona/Tadath/VEA [EW1][ES1][LM][BC][CoR][LoS][SRP][CDS][SCA][FCE][VUA-ARC-Lambda][AS-2][ESC09][AoT][IH]
Name: Tanus “Darkstar” Solvona
Age: 26
Height: 6’3’’
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Violet with flecks of silver
Hair: White with a shock of black
Skin: Tan
Planet of Origin: Onderon
Known languages: Basic, Durese, Mando’a
Build: Muscular, hardened frame, angular cheek bones and sharp jaw line.

Callsign: Tanus Solvona
Current Placement: Tadath, Eyesore
Divisions: ARMY, ICS
Current Rank: Gunnery Sergeant
Specialty: Special Forces
Positions: PFC-NightStalkers, PFC-Paladin, LCPL-Paladin/ARC, CPL-Paladin/ARC, CPL-Dark Dragoons(Transfer from Paladin)/ARC, SGT-Dark Dragoons/ARC, SFC-Blackjack/ARC, GSGT-Blackjack/ARC
Medals/Certifications: Emperor's Will, 1st Class; Emperor's Shield, 1st Class; Legionnaire's Medallion, Bronze Cross, Cross of Resolve, Laurel of Strak, Silver Ribbon of Pixellito, Sapphire Crystal of Anteevy, Cross of Distinguished Service

Appearance: Tanus is 6’3’’ and weighs approximately 180 lbs. He has piercing violet eyes and white with a single streak of black in the middle that falls to his shoulders. He has two piercings in his right ear and one in his left. On his body, he has 5 tattoos: on his right shoulder blade, he has his family crest, and on his left he has the older one during the first days of his clan. In an arc across his chest, he has ‘Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken’ in black gothic letters and beneath that a black rose on his solar plexus. Finally, on his back, he has a black star, which is where he got his nickname from.

Personality: Tanus is taciturn and quiet, often not saying anything but waiting until the right time to come forth with information or a viewpoint. On the battlefield, this changes, and Tanus becomes a furious commander, making tactical changes and calling for orders, shouting above the din of explosions and blaster fire. Beyond that, Tanus does not trust easily, which was something he picked up during his life as a soldier for hire, and he is incredibly protective of the men and women that serve under him.

The story so far :
---20 years ago---

Tanus remembered the mercenaries; he remembered the fire; he remembered the screaming as they descended on his town. But what he remembers most was how his parents fought back, or tried to as much as any untrained farmers could against hardened soldiers for hire. His last real clear memory of that night was holding his parents’ lifeless bodies as fire consumed the town and its people. Then he looked up and saw a figure standing there, clad in armor and making a grab. Tanus tried to run away, but the man was too quick and strong. The next day, Tanus woke up, his eyes red from crying and covered in a warm blanket. Where am I? What is this place? Tanus got up and made for the door, but it opened as he hopped off the cot, the door opened, and in stepped a man holding a plate of hot food. He set it down on the table and smiled at Tanus; Tanus could only stand there, open mouthed at the man. This man killed my friends and family… he killed my parents. Why didn’t he kill me? The man set the food down on the end table and pulled a stool from the corner and sat down on it, facing Tanus. He motioned at the bed for Tanus to have a seat, still all smiles. Tanus timidly took a seat, eyeing the man strangely. When he took his seat at the foot of the bed, the man reached for the plate and handed it to Tanus, who began eating voraciously. When he was done, the man started to laugh; it was loud and boisterous.

“Seems you were a hungry lad. Have no worry for that; you won’t be going hungry here lad.”

Tanus then threw the plate at the man as hard as his small arms could; the man caught it effortlessly in hand and placed it on the bedside table.

“Now, now, son, that’s no way to treat the man that’s taking care of you. You ought to apologize.”

Tanus started to cry now, heavy sobs that caused his whole body to shake. He charged the man from the bed, balling his hands into fists and hitting him when the man made an effort to hold him still, but the blows just repelled off his chest; it was like hitting a brick wall.


And then, something happened that Tanus did not expect: the man hugged him. Tanus then stopped hitting him; he stopped moving entirely. He would have forgotten to breathe had the man not been squeezing him into his chest. And then the tears stopped, and Tanus felt a sort of calm wash over him, as if for the first time in ages he felt like he was at home.

”Mister, what’s your name?”

”My name is Valen… but from now on, call me ‘dad’.”

---20 years later, two weeks before joining the STC---

The din in the cantina was somewhat relaxed from the last time Tanus had been in there; the last time he was here, three fights had broken out, and he had caused two of them. He took a corner booth, his duster swaying as he took his seat; luckily it betrayed nothing. He took his pipe out of a coat pocket, filled it with some tobacco and lit it, letting the soothing aroma of scotch and oak fill the air. As he took a drag, he ran his hand along his thigh and felt the outline of his gun against his hand. Never leave home without it. A waitress walked up, all smiles and with a flimsy pad in her hand, and asked Tanus for his order.

“Bring me a whiskey, tall and on the rocks.”

The waitress nodded and said she would be back momentarily with his order. Tanus smiled and sent her on her way, staring at the door and waiting for him to enter. Damn it, don’t be late this time. The time came and went, and the waitress had brought his drink over, as well as three others by the time the man entered. He was grizzled, and five o’clock shadow had begun to creep up on his jaw. He saw Tanus in the corner, who made no motion to acknowledger him whatsoever. He took his seat next to Tanus and ordered ale. When it came, the man started.

“Glad to see you made it off Serocco in one piece Tanus. We really need you on this one.”
Tanus snorted; he already knew who he was dealing with and what he would have to put up with.

“No Jof, you needed my father, but you settled for me. Don’t try to butter me up with flattery, because all I’m here to do is my job, get paid, and go home. So just tell me the story.”

Jof cleared his throat and lit a cigarra, breathing out a great puff of smoke which almost blinded Tanus; the stench was god awful, which meant that the cigarra was terrible quality. If you’re going to smoke, at least smoke quality jackass.

“Fair enough. Crail Nevan is the current governor of this city, and it is a prime military district. I’m guessing you know that. What they want us to do is ride in the city on swoops and infiltrate the military compound. Once we’re done, the newest up and comer governor is going to step in and ‘try to make things better’ whatever the hell that means. From what I’ve been told, we’ve been hired out by some group in the far reaches of the Void. Something called the Vast Empire. They hired us so they didn’t need to deal with it themselves, given they already have sensitive ties with this planet as is. We’ll have a few of their troopers with us so they confirm the action and then set everything for the new guy to set up shop.”

Tanus nodded; it sounded like a good plan, but there was always room for error, and chances are that they were going to need a plan B. The opportunity soon presented itself. Two soldiers in full armor entered the bar and started asking questions. They came up to the same waitress that served Tanus and asked a question. Dear God no. Her eyes went wide and she looked over at the table and stared at Tanus. The soldiers hesitated not one second, raised their rifles and opened fire. Tanus ducked as the first few bolts hit the wall behind him, sending dust and rock into the air. He flipped the table up, using it as a shield while he pulled out his pistol, the Samurai Edge. Blaster fire ate at the table while others screamed and ducked down and out of the way as the soldiers ravenously tried to claim Tanus’ and Jof’s lives. Tanus looked over and saw Jof pull an EE-3 from his holster, looked around the table and opened fire. Tanus watched as one of the soldiers took cover behind the bar. The other crouched, leaving himself open to attack. Tanus opened fire with his pistol, hitting the man in the arm with two .40 rounds, knocking his rifle out of his hand. Then he did something no one expected: he charged. He drove his shoulder into the stunned man’s chest and rammed him back up against a wall. As he pulled his head down under his arm and got it in a lock, the second soldier rose to fire, but Jof made an end to that with three hits to the back; Tanus finished it off by snapping the soldier’s neck. By the time everyone rose to see the aftermath, the two mercs were gone.

That night, the plan came to fruition. Tanus mounted up on a swoop bike, wearing a duster, his 210 personal armor, his sawed off DC-15 and his trusty Samurai Edge. They charged the barracks and mansion, storming the gates and shooting anyone that got in their path. At first, it all went well. Then the mortars started to hit. Tanus heard yelling from somewhere behind him and then a scream as a mortar hit, ripping into their ranks and scattering the mercs. The Stormtroopers that were with them split off to infiltrate the mansion. Bloody figures we get the dirty work. He turned around to see a guard charge him. Tanus reinted off to the left to avoid a swing from his rifle and then came up with his force blades deployed. One drove into his stomach while the other came in just beneath the armpit and into the lungs. The soldier fell off of Tanus, bloody and dying as he walked over him and made his way to his next target. He ducked behind a set of crates and charged up the center, firing as he went and hitting anything he could. As the mercs finished with the grounds below, an explosion from the top most window signified that the mission was done with. Tanus took his helmet it off, set it on the ground and collapsed. One of the Stormtroopers took off his helmet and sat down next to him and offered him a cigarra; Tanus gestured ‘no’ and looked up at the stars as the man lit up the cigarra.

“Ya know, I’ve been with the STC for a while, and I haven’t seen anyone quite like you in a long time.”
Tanus laughed; he was used to being buttered up and flattered by soldiers, but it tended to be in mockery. For whatever reason, this man sounded sincere.

“It comes with the territory. Better to know how to use a gun than to be on the receiving end.”
The man took a drag of his cigarra and blew out the smoke, filling the air with the scent of honey.

“Well, we could always use someone like you. The Corps needs good, tough men, and you sure as shit fit the criteria for a good soldier.”

“You offering me a job?”

There was another pause, as if the man was thinking about what he would say next. Then he answered through a puff of smoke.

“Yes, I believe I am. Are you interested?”

Tanus just smiled; it was time that he started something new.

“Yes, I believe I am.”

Notable skills:
• Hand-to-hand combat: Tanus spent a good amount of time learning and training with mercenaries, and as such learned a great deal in the martial arts. As such, he is a master of both Kinet-do and Stava, and is proficient in the use of knives and blades.
• Map reading
• Sizing up enemy troop numbers
• Survival training
• Weapon repair
PC/PSG Tanus Solvona/Tadath/VEA [EW1][ES1][LM][BC][CoR][LoS][SRP][CDS][SCA][FCE][VUA-ARC-Lambda][AS-2][ESC09][AoT][IH]
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~Blackjack Pride - 2009 ESC Champions~

CA/PRVC Tanus Solvona/YZ-775 (m) Iron Victory/The Osk Company/ICS/VE

"When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." - Abraham Maslow

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