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Urakai's Profile Information
Callsign: Urakai  Send a message to Urakai
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Urakai
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: December 12
Date Joined: December 2, 2006
Last Active: April 9, 2024 at 5:09:21 PM
Number of Posts: 462
ID Line: TRP/SGT1C Urakai/2SQD/1PLT/1COM/1BAT/Tadath/VEA [LoR][RoM][SoHe-P][DoH][CotE]
Name: Urakai Orion
Call sign: Urakai
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Medium/Short-Wavy
Race: Human
Age: 25
Weight: 92kg
Height: 6'3 ft
Build: Medium Muscular Body
Home world: Devaron
Scars/Features: Two short scars across the right side of his neck

== Background History & Experiences ==
Living on Devaron was a hard life, even for the local species, the Devarionians. The planet’s government was run by women, and the military left to the men. The harsh capital punishment and swift justice system suppressed a deeper anger in everyone it affected. For poor human immigrants such as the Orion family, there was nothing else to do but live with it, or suffer. They didn’t have the luxury of choice. Out of this hardening came discipline and respect for superiors. Devaron had a huge army restricted only to Devaronians and certain humans, which crushed any opposition with literally no mercy.

The Orion family members consisted of the father, Jurno, the mother, Seila, and their two year old son, Urakai. They had just escaped a hellish War Zone, only to find themselves trapped in Devaron. With little money from the low wage jobs Jurno and Seila took up, there wasn’t much chance of getting off planet. Jurno was once an army veteran, so he had learned to be a hardened man, and so had Siela, but this was different. They both knew this new planet was strict, and asked for much. The only thing to do was to adjust, go along with and respect the Devaronian government, for it was now theirs.

Fifteen years later, Urakai was nearing the end of his superior education. The school he attended for the twelve years seemed to be the liveliest as the fees were low, but this did not mean Urakai easily made friends. In fact, the more time he spent around people, the more time he spent isolated. His father praised this exile, as it meant he devoted time to raising skills he would need in the future, and had no meaningful relationships. In addition to his schooling education, his mother would tutor him everyday, and then followed by his hands-on skills. Urakai had a rare gift, powerful eyesight and hearing, and not a bad build. Despite these abilities, Urakai was lacking in a few areas, most vitally action.

It was no more than a few months after his schooling was complete, that seventeen year old Urakai Orion was caught up in the hellfire of a battle. It began when secret societies that formed on Montellian Serat (Devaron’s Captial) began working with the Rebel Alliance. Soon, they began rising up in politics, and when rejected, they finally retaliated and overthrew the city. Thinking they could hold off the capital of Devaron and come to terms with the enemy, the Rebel Devaronians held their ground. Knowing the imminent mobilization, and the encouragement from his father, Urakai applied for the Imperial-aligned Devaron Army. As very few humans actually made it into the Devaron army, Urakai was relieved and exhilarated when his form came back approved.

Though expecting a tough and hard time in the army, Urakai had no idea. Through his two weeks of basic training, Urakai was beaten, thrashed and tortured. The intensity would either break a man, or bury his feelings so deep; he might not ever use them again. Out of the extremes of the discipline and training, he and several other recruits were taught that nothing else mattered but skill, discipline and respect. From this, long scars were embedded into his back to remind him forever, where his place was and where it will remain.

The last thing he was ever taught was, to the army, the single most important rule, the one that would burn into Urakai’s heart forever, “Give no mercy and expect none.”

The day Urakai was shipped out to his new outpost was the day the Imperial-aligned Devaron army was to begin the assault on Montellian Serat. Before Urakai's squad, along with many others, arrived to reinforce the army, the assault had already lasted for three days. The constant bombardment, although lasting for that long, appeared to have little destructive force on Montellian Serat’s heavy defences. As soon as Urakai was deployed, his mind instantly clicked over to battle mode. The roars of deafening shells being fired was the only thing that could be heard as the drop ship landed, and it remained that way for two more days. No one could sleep, and no one could eat, as the intensity of the shooting thickened.

It wasn’t until the stealth demolitions team destroyed the air shield device that the action really happened. Bombers soared over the city, clearing out paths for the troops. After the air strike finished, the armoured vehicles poured into the huge city. One by one, though, the tanks fell to the traps. By the time Urakai’s division was moving in, there was little time to think, only time to fight. Streets and buildings were filled with hundreds upon hundreds of enemies. His squad was assigned with taking out key targets so the rest could advance. Urakai could feel the fear of the Rebels in the air, it made him sick at the cowards. Blasting their way through buildings and relying on fast tactics, each and every squad managed to down all the targets, and when that happened, the entire army moved into the city.

When the fighting was over, Urakai’s squad was practically tripping over bodies and debris. The battle outlasted Urakai’s adrenaline, and he was worn. The fighting ended when the Rebels realised their doomed destruction and surrendered. There were just over 700 Devaronian rebels at the town square in the holding pens. Though, the orders were clear what to do with them. It was Kardue'sai'Malloc, the Captain of the army that ordered all the men to begin blasting through the holding pens, tearing apart all inside. Over all the screams, there was only one thing Urakai said to himself to calm him, "Show no mercy and expect none."

Hours after all the killing, Urakai was to report back to his squad, when he overheard some of a conversation Malloc was having with someone.

“The Empire ordered us to move on. To reinforce loyal troops, fighting just south of us. We were not to leave any troops behind as guards for the prisoners—and certainly we were not to leave any of them living.” Malloc stated.

“They didn't tell you to execute the prisoners.” The stranger replied to Malloc.

Malloc then grinned and said, “They didn't have to. It took almost five minutes. We put them in a holding pen and started shooting at them. They screamed and screamed and screamed. We just kept shooting until the screaming had stopped. I was following orders.”

Knowing it was not his place; Urakai kept moving on and never looked back. The army continued to hunt down the last remaining rebels on Devaron, and it was not long before Urakai’s two years of service had ended. He chose to leave the army, as he thought at the time he would never live a life to an army. Urakai settled down, with his own house. The life Urakai never wanted was everything he needed after two years of full service in the army.

One year later, Urakai was watching the universe roll by before his eyes. Kardue'sai'Malloc, nicknamed, “The Butcher of Montellian Serat.”, went into hiding to avoid being persecuted. Some disciplined and respected captain he was. The Empire had been disbanded, and the remnants had formed together. Urakai was once again worn, but of this common life. It was obvious that after one year he still could not fit in or live a normal life, and now his heart was yearning for battle again. It had been so long since he last held a weapon, but he knew it was better than this folly life he had been living. His coalition was with the Imperial faction last time, and he knew after the massacre he could never join the Rebels. Urakai vowed to never look back, as The Vast Empire was now his new goal.

Natural Skills:

-Has strong eyesight, can see from unusual distances

-Acrobatic and fairly agile

-Has a passion for healing and saving rather than killing and destructing

SPEC: Combat Medic

SPEC Skills:

-Treat minor wounds
-Apply bacta patches
-Read and diagnose human test results (x-ray, PETScan, etc)
-Operate bacta tanks (Partial)

Sergeant First Class Urakai

TRP/SGT1C Urakai/2SQD/1PLT/1COM/1RGT/1BAT/Tadath/VEA [LoR][RoM][SoHe-P][DoH][CotE]

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye... Then it's hilarious.

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