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Tnepres's Profile Information
Callsign: Tnepres  Send a message to Tnepres
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Tnepres
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: November 18
Date Joined: November 2, 2006
Last Active: October 10, 2008 at 4:42:47 PM
Number of Posts: 585
ID Line: TRP/LCPL Tnepres/4SQD/1PLT/1COMP/1BAT/1RGT/Tadath/VEA/VE[LoR]
Biography: Physical Appearance

Native Language: Basic
Hair Color: Black, dyed silver white, end of bangs are left black
Eye Color: Pink, though he wears red contacts to hide the color.
Skin Color: Pale white(albino)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 130
Age: 21
Full Name: Talstorin Yalmic
Physical Build: Slim, though slightly muscular.
Homeworld: Tatooine


1) Talented in the practice of sleight of hand(eg. stealing)
2) A charismatic speaker, possesses people skills
3) Proficient with knives, swords and familiar with pole arm class weapons
4) Familiar with being sneaky and stealthy

Background History

Tnepres stood in front of his mirror, staring into the reflection it showed. A tall, slim man was what could be seen. But he was far more complex past what the eye could tell, the details of his physical appearances almost contrasted against his human nature.

He was given the name of Talstoran Yalmic at birth, though no one had called him by that name for ages. He could hardly remember his mother, the woman who had once held him in her arms years before, smiling down at him as the Tatooine sun shone down. Most of the other memories of his childhood were just as vague. Born into a small tribe, Tnepres had a rough childhood. Deeply religious, the tribe worshipped a violent god, celebrating her often with violent rituals. It was rare for a festival to go by without a single life being lost.

Tnepres was only 8 when his mother had to give him up for an offering. Sometimes, if he tried hard enough, he could still remember the night before the offering was to take place. Though he was little, he knew exactly what was going on, he knew what the tribe had decided. It was a quiet night, his family didn't talk as they usually did. His mother, who would normally tell the him stories of heroes and adventures before bed just stared at him that night, looking at him with blank eyes. Tnepres knew that, behind her blank expression, she was already grieving.

As his family members went to sleep at last, Tnepres stayed awake, staring at the stars painted on the night sky. His mother once told him a story of hero, who, to escape his own definite demise, ran away so he could still be there for his family. "Sometimes, it's better to run away then to die," his mother had said after saying the tale. Finally deciding he couldn't go along with this, Tnepres, got up and dressed. After whispering bye to his family for the last time, he left the camp, eyes full of tears, heart heavy with despair.

The few years following his abandonment were the roughest years of his life. Taking shelter in a small desert town, Tnepres took up many jobs to earn his supper. He did anything he could to earn some food. He sung, worked, did errands and when he couldn't earn food, he stole. By the time he was 15, Tnepres had gone through much. It was a hard life, everyone he befriended betrayed him. He began to trust no one, though for some reason, he retained part of his friendliness, his warm and cheerful personality. Perhaps it was a good thing; sometimes, his optimism was the only thing that had kept him alive.

At the age of 18, Tnepres began his new job as a mercenary, a sword for hire. It was there he learned the art of killing. He was trained for quick and silent assassinations. It seemed almost too predictable, however, that this job would fail too, like all the other jobs he had tried. He made the mistake of growing too close to his target, he fell in love with her. Unable to kill her, he confessed both his feelings and his identity to her one night. Unlike the understanding response he had hoped for, his target grew fearful and ran away. Forced to flee or be killed by his employer, he ran away again, this time to a bigger city. There, he saw an his chance to escape, a ship leaving the airstrip. After sneaking on board, he had celebrated to himself, the people after him would never get him now. He finally arrived at the VE capital planet. Seeking a new life, Tnepres, once known as Death's Venom, decided to sign up for the army.

And now here he was, standing in a dark room, rain dripping from the open window. He looked up and down at his new armor, adjusting it. Finally, he was content and he put down the armor he had changed out of. Walking out the door, he left behind not only his old armor but his old life. He was now a loyal soldier of the empire.

Sample Post/Expansion on "Sarah"
NOTE : As most people know Talstorin is a tragic character, this was post made in Keep Your Head(Wraiths). I thought it may be useful to keep it in my bio as some people have confused the relationship between Talstorin and the "Sarah" character.

Talstorin sat there, restless. He wasn't sleepy at all. His turn to stand watch had already passed, and it was Yoder's and Draken's turn. Perhaps it was a bad idea to wake sleeping people up and have them stand guard, as the pair were obviously sleepy. At moments, Yoder would sway back and forth then suddenly collapse on the ground, getting up moments later, mumbling "I'm awake." It was awfully cold in the room, Talstorin wondered why as there was no source of ventilation in the room. This was going to be a long night.

Bang Talstorin swung around, looking for the source of the noise. Yoder turned too, though Draken was slumped against the wall, asleep. Bang Talstorin jumped. Turning on his night vision, he realized what the sound was. Snipes mumbled in his sleep, slamming the droid arm that was in his hand against the floor. Talstorin chuckled a bit. "Violent sleeper, huh?"

Talstorin's mood was lightened up by the event. He was about to finally go to sleep when another Bang came. He sighed, he wasn't going to deal with it all night. Turning on his night vision once again, he realized Snipes hadn't moved at all. The noise didn't come from him. He suddenly heard faint scratching and hooting, though it faded away quickly. "What the..." He looked at the doorway. It was then he could've swore he saw the leg of something. Reaching out for another squad member, he found Yoder.

"Yoder..." he whispered while poking the trooper. No use, he had fallen asleep too.

"I guess it's our turn up?" said a voice behind him. He turned, finding Yillis up and awake. Talstorin nodded.

"Want me to wake up Snipes?" asked Talstorin. Yillis shook his head.

"If you knew Snipes like I did, you would know theres no chance in hell you'll wake him. Besides, save him for later. We won't have enough troopers do rotate much more times. Get some sleep, it seems you'll have to do another nightwatch shift. I can handle this one on my own."

Talstorin frowned at the idea. He was a bit worried about Yillis though he knew he didn't have to. Going back to his spot, Talstorin made another attempt to sleep. It wasn't long till he found himself in a dream.

Talstorin found himself in a small hut. Fire was burning brightly in the fire place. He was seated on the floor, which was covered by a lavish rug. The furniture were rather expensive looking. Talstorin recognized this place. Tatooine. For such a small hut, the furniture didn't seem to match as it was fit for nobles. Well, at least it was warm. He shifted closer to the fire place, dressed in only a long coat over peasant like clothing. He looked for his weapons and realized they weren't with him. Fearing the worse, he looked around and saw his weapons were laid out on the table.

Talstorin made an attempt to get up and realized that his left leg numbed with pain as soon as he moved it. He sat down again. He had forgotten this was all a dream at the moment. He sat down and snuggled near the fire place, a bit tired.

Yillis kept a constant watch, nothing escaped his eyes. At one moment he heard loud scratching sounds but they faded away quickly. It was lucky Yillis had gotten enough sleep to stay awake. The attentive assistant squad leader kept his blaster ready, standing perfectly upright. After the scratching, it was completely quiet. Aside from the occasionnal banging of the droid arm, there were no noises during Yillis's shift. Yillis looked at the time. His shift was halfway done by now and he was doing good.

Talstorin quickly rose up to a sitting position when he heard footsteps. Looking at a small doorway a figure came out. A girl. A girl with streaming long hair, clad in a normal modest dress came through the doorway. She gave him a small sweet smile and sat on her knees in front of him. Handing him a small bowl of hot soup, she watched him sip it.

"Thanks," he thanked her, returning her smile with a smile of his. "It's delicious."

She nodded. "Thanks, it was my grandmother's recipe. I used to drink it all the time when I was little."

He smiled and drank a bit more accidently spilling some on his clothes. "Oh damn. Got a tissue?"

She nodded, giggling a bit. Getting up, she walks over to the table, her dress swayed gently with every step. She returned taking a tissue from the stack in her hand and wiped his shirt.

"I could do it myself, you know..."

She ignored him, and finished wiping up. She then took the empty bowl from his hand and got up. "I'll be right back." She walked back through the door way. As Talstorin heard the sink started to run, he sighed happily. She was truly a sight to behold. This was the night he was going to tell her. It was too bad it would mean he would have failed his job. She came back again, smiling. Again sitting down on, she looked at the fire place.

"Erm...So Sarah, erm...sorry to have troubled you."

She tilted her head slightly. "What do you mean?"

"You know with my injured leg and everything."

She laughed. "Oh it was nothing, I had to help. You're very important to me."

He smiled, feeling good about himself. His life hadn't been the easiest but lately it's been turning around. Every moment with Sarah seemed to make living through his miserable life worth it. She hadn't known yet, but she was the only person he ever opened up to. She looked at him. "Why the quietness all of a sudden?"

Yillis laid down back in his spot again. Closing his eyes, he fell right to sleep. Leth sighed, looking around. "Well this was dull," he mumbled to himself. "Where was that gurrcat anyway?" BANG BANG BANG CRASH Leth jumped a bit, his eyes dashing around the room. The squad was still sleeping. Were they that asleep? Or was it just him? "It was just you," Leth reassured himself. "You're just sleepy. Shame on the squad for disturbing your beauty sleep." He suddenly heard a loud growl. "The hell...?" The growl grew louder. "It's just yourself, it's just yourself, it's just yourself."

Leth frowned as he saw wings go past the doorway. He moved back. "What the hell???" Leth took a deep breath. "THAT WAS DEFINATLY JUST YOU..." he mumbled to himself. The growl came back then faded. "Oy, you're kidding me right? How long do i have to stand here for?"

He held her hands in his. They were so soft, angel-like almost. Then again, she was an angel to him. She was his savior. Being near her made all his troubles go away.

"Sarah, there's something I've been meaning to tell you..."

She listened intently. "What is it? Is something wrong..?"

"No, no it's nothing of that sort," he reassured her. "It's just....I..."

She tilted her head. "Go on..."

He continued. "I've been assigned to kill you all this time..."

She shrinked back, though her hand was still in his. "What...?" She looked fearful. "Well...if it's your job, I won't get in the way, I know how much you need the money." She edged closer to him, as if offering herself.

He shook his head. "But I won't do it... You're just too special to me. To kill such a beautiful being would be a bigger crime that anyone could commit."

She blushed, though she still retained her fearful look.

"No...I won't don't worry. But because I can't, I'll have to leave this town to avoid getting caught."

She frowned. "Just kill me, it would be easier..."

"NO...I would never. I'll leave by sunset, I can use the money i earned to start a business or something. What matters is that your safe."

"Well, you'll need supplies. Here let me get you some."

"But...I wan't you to come with me"

She looked at him, confused. "What?"

"We can run away, just the two of us. We'll live in a big city with lots of friendly people. That way, I'll never have to leave you."

She looked at him, even more confused. And yet at the same time, she looked like she was starting to realize. "What are you saying...?"

"I guess, I'm just trying to say... I-I love you..." He had such trouble gathering up the courage to say it, but once it had started, it came out of his mouth gracefully. Confidently.

She frowned. There was a long silence after that, leaving Talstorin confused. She then quickly yanked her hands out of his hold, opened the door and ran out. Confused, and broken, Talstorin just sat there, mostly cause his leg didn't allow him to, but somewhat because his spirit wouldn't allow him to.

Leth sighed with relief as he sat down, getting ready to go back to sleep. Snipes yawned, walking to the front. He stood up, humming. Leth closed his eyes and lied down. Snipes hummed the tune of "99 bottles of beer." He had liked that song and sometimes, he would be a bit jealous, wishing he had that many bottles of beer. It was too bad they didn't let him carry alchohol to missions. He never saw the reason. A few bottles of liquor would obviously not have affected the preformance of the great Sniping 101. They should've made a new rule to just let specifically him, bring alchohol to missions. It would've made the night pass faster. Such an uneventfull night. Such a boring mission. So what if some creature was killing people, Snipes was sure he could take it. Though sometimes, he felt a bit of sympathy for the creature. Murderous animals had feelings too.

Talstorin sat there for what seemed to be many hours. His legged stopped hurting, though something inside still felt pain. There was knock on the door.

"Hello, Yalmic, you in there?"

Talstorin cursed under his breath. It was his employer. Sarah had told him where Talstorin was. Getting up, he quickly ran for the back door.

"I can hear you, there's no use in running, open up."

Talstorin looked around. "Where was that f***ing door????!!!" He heard the door open. Sarah had opened it. Talstorin found the back entrance and ran out. His legs wouldnt carry him far though. He found himself hiding on the roof of the house as mercenaries poured through the house. Sarah stood outside, looking a bit distraught. The burly man nudged Sarah. "If we don't find him, I'm keeping you as a consalation prize." He chuckled.

She backed away but the man held her arm tightly. Talstorin frowned. He had to help her. Even if she just betrayed him, it wasn't that easy to wipe away feelings for her. He jumped down behind the man, bringing a knife to his gut. The man yelled out in pain, the bounty hunters all turned towards Talstorin. Pushing Sarah into the shadows to hide her, he then hid behind the man. Keeping him as a shield. It was a good shield. Not only was the man several times bigger than Talstorin was, the bounty hunters were afraid to kill their employer. He had this won. Well, he would have. Talstorin felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. He fell forward, onto the sand. Behind him, Sarah sadly looked at him, a club in her hand.

Snipes hummed, seated on the floor, tracing shapes on the floor with his finger. A sound suddenly came to his ears. It was strange, like a woman crying. The sound grew louder, though Snipes didnt seem intimidated. Quiet down willya? Cant a guy kill time with peace???He yelled out. The squad still slept. Snipes shook his head. Creatures these days, they were all selfish. Snipes yawned and smiled as he thought about his gurrcat. Fury was a nice name. Yeah. Another cry came. Snipes didnt mind though.

Talstorin sighed sadly, looking at the sunset. It was the next morning. He was ready to start a new life. Sarah had betrayed him, but he still had himself. Never again would he trust someone so much. Never again would he hold someone close so dear. He was the next level of a murderer now. When he had awoke, he managed to escape, killing his employer and six others in the process. He frowned, for once he felt guilty for killing. It was ironic, as he used to kill people had never knew. And yet he felt most guilty for killing someone who had done wrong to him. But then again, his employer never really did do Talstorin wrong. It was all me& It was all my fault.He convinced himself. None of it was Sarahs. No. It was his own actions that lead to this. He just kept repeating that in his head. Sarah was still an angel to him. How pathetic he was.

Snipes yawned. His shift was over. Time for his beauty sleep. Snipes tapped Arnaut on the shoulder. Arnaut awoke with a mumble and then nodded, realizing it was his shift again. Arnaut went to get Tnepres. Hm&? Thats strange,he said to himself. Tnepres wasnt where he was before. Arnaut looked around the room. He found Tnepres curled up in the back of the room, as if having a nightmare. He shook his head. New recruits these days. Arnaut walked up to Tnepres, and tapped him. Wake up sleepy head.

Talstorin looked at big ship. It was the next one to leave, and it was his ticket off this horrible planet. He took a step forward, closing his eyes as he did. This had all been a bad experience to him. A bad, bad, bad experience. He couldnt wait to get off this planet. Then, he would be able to start a new life. Maybe there he would someone he could trust. No. There was no one. The world was full of people waiting to do you wrong. No. There was still hope, he shouldnt been so grim. Talstorin was utterly confused. He was arguing with himself again. He took another step.

Will you be alright?asked a meek voice behind him.

Without turning back, he answered. Not that you would care, but yes. Ill be fine. Dont worry, Ive gone through a lot. Dont worry about me. Its you Im worried about.

Hmph, I can take care of myself too yaknow.The voice sounded a bit fustrated. You know, you dont have to be so mean to your friends.

I didnt know we were still friends,he said in a low voice. He took another step, but he heard footsteps behind him. One question& why do you tail me? No matter whats happening, even when I tell you not to, youre always there.

There was a long silence before the answer came. Because its fun...

Talstorin felt his heart sank again. I see& well take care. Ill be leaving now. Have a nice life.He walked towards the ship, seemingly emotionless. He heard a few footsteps behind him again. He stopped, a bit irritated. What&?

There was a small tap on his back. He turned around, and looked down. She spoke. That was a lousy goodbye.

He sighed. Deal with it, life has a lot of lousy things.He glared at her. She looked down sadly, as if ashamed. Then, she got up on her toes and pecked his lips. He sighed, already feeling his coldness melt away. He turned around. Have a nice life&


WAKE UP! GEEZ Talstorin jumped up, eyes wide open, his armor feeling uncomfterble after the dream. Arnaut shook his head. Its our shift again. Its almost day, come on. Youve had enough sleep.Talstorin got up and walked to the front. He looked around. He had forgotten his dream already. Arnaut seemed a bit tired still, yet he was as attentive as ever. Talstorin, for once, was alert as well. His mind was clearer now. Suddenly a loud clang came. It sounded like a fusion cutter though the pair knew it wasnt. Stick by me,said Arnaut as he looked further into the darkness. Talstorin turned on his night vision. Nothing. Perhaps it was just the echo&said Arnaut. Calming back down. Another sound came. A loud snore. Arnaut chuckled. Looks like Snipes happy in his sleep. Daylight came soon, the squad woke up. After stretching and chatting a bit, the squad was ready to go again. Come on, we have a beast to hunt. Arnaut grinned as he talked, gesturing with his hand. The squad followed him with pride. It had been a tough night but they made it through. WRAITH PRIDE
In the brightest light,
We find darkness...
Memoirs of a Withered Soul- Compendium of Short Stories on Talstorin's Background/Story of Talstorin and Durandal( out now- read it on army story board)
Tnepres- BlackJack Squad/HellKite- Viper Squadron
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