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AlanRJ's Profile Information
Callsign: AlanRJ  Send a message to AlanRJ
ComNet Rank: ComNet Expert
Avatar: AlanRJ
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: March 29
Date Joined: August 2, 2006
Last Active: October 19, 2015 at 6:24:32 PM
Number of Posts: 1,795
ID Line: SL/SGM AlanRJ/1SQD/2PLT/1COM/1BAT/1RGT/VEA/VE [<3 Luckystar] [ES2] [IH] [BC] [SoH] [EW2] [CoS] [RoM] [ES1] [CCA] [SC] [GC] {RES} {MRT} [IG] [ICE]
Biography: Alan was born on Correllia into a happy family. During his childhood, he was fascinated with blasters and would play constantly with models. In his teenage years he watched the broadcasts from Coruscant and was staunchly behind what the Senate stood for. When Palpatine was elected as Chancellor he was elated, finally a leader that stood for something. He followed Palpatine with great interest. During the Clone Wars, he was fascinated with the clone army, their armour, their weaponry, it was such an exhilarating time for him. Then horror struck when he learned of the Jedi's attempt to overthrow Palpatine, he was sick to my stomach. He had thought the Jedi were on the side of truth and justice and not out for themselves. The scarring that they had done to Palpatine made him livid with anger. He vowed then that if he ever met a Jedi then they would pay for what they had done to Palpatine.

Correllia went through a time of turmoil during the later stages of the war. There was a period of civil unrest. People claiming that Palpatine had to go and outrage over the deaths of so many Jedi. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, what Planet were they on, did they not watch the broadcasts. Then came the violence. Clone Troopers were placed on the Planet to quell any unrest. Alan joined a group of freelancers who wanted to stop the unrest. Here he learned far more about weaponry than he ever thought possible. Learning how to fire various weapons, strip them, re-assemble them. He practiced day and night and found the blaster to be his weapon of choice. He became to be a marksman, never missing a target. He parted company from the freelancers and went out on his own, not trusting anyone apart from himsel and his blaster.

Alan remembered the day his parents were killed. He remembered it so vividly, almost as if it happened yesterday. He met up with them in the marketplace when he suddenly heard a commotion. A man was running and he was being chased by several troopers. Alan's father shouted at him to stop and tried to apprehend him. The man raised his weapon and fired. Alan remember lying on the pavement, blood around his face and his parents lying on the ground, motionless. His cheek throbbed and blood trickled down an open wound. A trooper helped him up and told Alan that they would catch the man responsible. He remembered later on in the day that same trooper took Alan to a holding cell to where the now captured man resided. He knew what he had to do, Alan hoisted out his blaster and shot him dead. Instead of being arrested the trooper asked Alan if he had ever thought of signing up. Well you know what, Alan did just that.
Sergeant Major AlanRJ

SGM AlanRJ/VEA/VE [<3 Luckystar] [ES2] [IH] [BC] [SoH] [EW2] [CoS] [RoM] [ES1] [CCA] [SC] [GC] {RES} {MRT} [IG] [ICE] [ESC09] [AoT]

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