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Callsign: Japer  Send a message to Japer
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
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Division(s): VE - Dark Jedi Order
VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Unknown
Species: Human
Birthday: January 1
Date Joined: April 28, 2001
Last Active: July 2, 2004 at 7:21:47 PM
Number of Posts: 463
Biography: name: Japer Rykes callsign: Japer age : 33 height: 6'5 weight: 213 hair color: black eye color: brown reason for joining the Empire: Brother was killed by rebels on a mission. place of birth: Yaga Minor Japer was born on Yaga Minor, where he lived with his parents, Garlend and Wanda Rykes, and his older brother Tabin. Japer's parents were rich mercants, and had trade routes all througout the galaxy, at about the last few years of the Old Repblic's rule. At the age of 15, Japer and Tabin decided that they wanted more than to just be a trade pilots, they wanted to see the galaxy, fight in outnumbered battles, and someday, command a starship. So Japer and Tabin went to the Outer Rim planet of Reytha, which would be a major planet for Imperial food sources in the years to come, but back then, it was just a planet with forests, and some people who did not want to be found. Japer and Tabin were hopeing to sell there ship, and get a job working for a smuggler or someone like that, but what they found there would change the lives of these two men forever... The Huts were currently running an operation on Reytha, hopeing that they could catch someone who had cheated them in a pod race a few years ago, when one of there operatives found Japer and Tabin checking out there ship from behind a tree. They forced them to return to Tatoine with them, and brought them before the Huts. Japer was forced to become a spy on Nar Shada, were some of the Hut's worst enimmies are, and Tabin was made into a smuggler. So, Japer spent about four years in Nar Shadda, and then the Empire crushed the Old Republic, and Palpitene was the now the ruler of the galxy. Japer knew that it wouldn't be long before a rebellion stared, and it did. At this time, Japer hated the Empire, so he met with a recruiter, and joined up with the rebellion. He flew several suicide missions, and hurt the Empire in minor ways. But one day, his mission took a turn for the worse. Japer was a flight leader in a squadron on Y-Wings at the time. they had to go out on a mission to destroy a smuggling outpost that was supplying the Empire with weapons. When they arrived, it was not very well defended, so they started the attack heavily and quickly. Then, Japer recived a incoming message from one of the ships. They had surrenderd, but the Rebels kept attacking. All of a sudden, Japer spotted his brothers ship, "Death's Hand". He sent a message to Tabin, but before he could respong, the rebels blew up the ship, and Japer knew that Tabin was dead. So, Japer fled the attack, and returned to Yaga Minor, only to find out that his parents were long dead. So, Japer contacted his only known relitive, his cousin, Emon, who was a pilot in the Imperial Navy. Emon helped Japer join up with the Imperial Army, were he fought in several battles, including the Imperial Civil War. Then, a year after he joined the army, he was thought to have been very strong with the force. Japer's first training was provided by Zsinj, but after he had chosen to join the Sith, Exar Kun adopted him as an aprentice. He sent Japer off to an unknown planet with a sith temple, and there he contructed his purple lightsaber. After the death of Atrus and Ghen in the terroist attack, Japer was appointed Grand Vicar by the new Grand Master Kaddan. Then, japer led an assult on the terroists, which was followed by a navy and army assult on several planets.
SP Japer/Sith/Dark Knight 1-2 Cabal/ Eagle Sect/VEDJ

/BS/ES 2nd Class/EoP/VP/BC/CDS/

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