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Cyleaf Aehait's Profile Information
Callsign: Cyleaf Aehait  Send a message to Cyleaf Aehait
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Cyleaf Aehait
Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Birthday: September 13
Date Joined: April 12, 2006
Last Active: February 26, 2018 at 2:09:03 PM
Number of Posts: 349
Cyleaf "Cy" Aehait

Race: Zabrak

Age: 25

Ht 1.74 m

Wt: 90.72 kg

Horns: Like most typical Zabraks Cyleaf has horns, they are scattered in a loose pattern around his head except for two in the center, these curve towards each other. They are all small and pointy.

Tattoo: Cy's body is covered in red tattooes. The designs look like veins all around the exposed skin. His face is rather unique as the tattoo forms a pattern around the eyes, mouth, and nose like a skull.

Eyes: Violet

Skin: Light Tan

Home World: Corellia

Current Rank: Petty Officer First Class

Position: Elite Kaph Flight 1-3

Positions held:

Enlisted in Vast Empire Naval Academy 4/12/06

Vast Empire Flight School 4/12/06 - 4/24/06

Kaph Squadron 4/26/06 - 7/26/06

Elite Kaph Squadron 7/26/06 - ?


Merrit Cross 1st Class 11/19/2006

Bronze Writting Commendation 7/30/2006

Completed Exams:

Aviators with Distinction (=*A*=)- 4/26/06

Master Aviators with Distinction (=*MA*=)- 7/28/2006

Completed Exams:

Aviators with Distinction (=*A*=)- 4/26/06

Master Aviators with Distinction (=*MA*=) - 7/28/2006

Personality: Some say that his tendency to be quiet is a flaw. But this flaw is truly one of his better qualities as he watches everything around him with studious eyes. He is extremely loyal to whatever cause or person(s) he holds dear to him. He follows orders without fault but sometimes gets into trouble when rushing into a situation he should have waited and thought out. Cyleaf is not quick to anger, and has a fiery resolve which makes him a good ally and a very bad enemy.

Pilot Skills: It is hard to say at this point what his pilot skills are truly like due to only logging minimal amounts of hours in the simulators. What he lacks in experience Cy picks up things extremely fast. Like all starting pilots he makes mistakes but he tires hard to learn from them. During one simulation he was grazed by laser fire taking out power to his engines but he remarkably re-routed power from his weapons capacitor to fly home and finish the sim. He turned a couple of heads that day; it became apparent he was studing the fighters specs in his off time, or was he?

History: Cyleaf doesn't know much about his ancestors. He has seen old holo vids and pics of his grandparents but never knew them. His father told him that due to political differences they lost touch before he was born. His grandparents opposed the establishment of the Empire while his parents embraced it. He was born and grew up on the planet Corellia in the lovely city of Bela Vista. His father was a bank teller and mother worked at a restaurant. Cyleaf attended school when he was young but at the age of 10 his mother began to home school him after his father was promoted to bank manager. He tried very hard grasping what she taught him. Something's he picked up fast, while others he picked up extremely slow, languages were brutal for him to learn. During evenings and weekends he would spend time near the Star port watching ships of all sizes come and go, he was fascinated. With being home schooled Cy found he had a lot of free time so to his parents annoyance he started taking thins around the house disassembling them and putting them back together, on occasion they ran better than before. Though one time he messed with the food synthesizer makeing desserts instread of regular meals. Let's just say he fixed it pretty quickly before his father got home from work.

On his twenty-fifth birthday he got a pamphlet at the door for the Imperial forces. Having tried odd jobs here and there he decided to maybe give this a shot. He browsed the pamphlet, Army no; Engineering no; than the Navy that caught his eye. He wanted to be a pilot. He began to reminisce about the days he stood watching the ships and he made up his mind. His parents wanted him to join the Engineering Corps because of his uncanny ability with machines but he told them no. So after talking to a recruiter he signed up and boarded the next transport. While en-route to the Naval Academy Cyleaf got word of his parents being killed in a fire-fight between Rebels and Imperials. His parents were on there way home from a dinner when a poorly thrown proton grenade by the Rebels killed them instantly. Since then his decision has been firm, do the best he can for his beloved Empire and pay back the Rebels for his loss.
FM/WO2/Cyleaf Aehait/Nazgul 2-6/Phoenix Wing/mSSD Atrus/DEF/VEN/VE/(=*A*=)(=*SA*=)[MC1][BWC][SWC]

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