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Otto Vox's Profile Information
Callsign: Otto Vox  Send a message to Otto Vox
ComNet Rank: ComNet Veteran
Avatar: Otto Vox
Division(s): VE - Dark Jedi Order
VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: January 1
Date Joined: September 6, 2001
Last Active: October 18, 2017 at 8:48:04 AM
Number of Posts: 1,390
ID Line: HA/KS Otto Vox/Eagle E-01/VEDJ/VE(LM)(ES)(SoS)(RCoD)(SoY)
Biography: Biography of Sergeant Major Otto Vox

Retired Army Trooper

Krath Scholar

Sect Lord - Eagle Sect

Name: Otto Vox
Callsign: Otto Vox
Rank: Sergeant Major - Retired
Age: 26
Inspiration: Deceased Brother, Valin Vox
Birthplace: Kuat

Bio Stats
Height: 6'1
Weight: 185 lbs
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Brown, Long

I have just begun my 8th year in the Empire, I joined the Imperial academy a week after my 18th birthday. My older brother Valin, oldest of three boys, had been in the Empire for five years, I envied him and longed to join him every day. I looked up to him as if he were my father, basically he was, because our father had been killed in a dog fight with a squadron of TIE Advanced's when I was 10 when Valin joined the Empire. He became a squad leader on the first Death Star, 41/2 years after he began his career. Half a year later as he was still assigned to the Death Star, the battle of Yavin took place. He was on board, gunning at the Rebel fighters, when Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star. I was 15 when he died, and vowed the join the Empire when ever possible. I graduated the Academy, in only two years, and moved up to Corporal in six months as a Trooper in Raiders Squad.

I remained there for a year. In inspiration to find the begotten soul that murdered my mother when I was younger, I joined the Dark Jedi Order. I am moving my way up in order to find him and have my revenge. I soon passed my Journeyman Exam and am moved on to take my Krath Adept Exam to then moved on to become a Dark Jedi Knight. In a few short months of my promotion to Gunnery Sergeant, my Squad Leader Snake was moved up to a higher position in the Army. The XO of Raiders, Rizzit was moved up to SL, and made me Assistant Squad Leader, I doubt I will ever know of how to thank him. A few months later, due to extreme activity, and good work as the ASL, I was promoted to Sergeant First Class, though Fury wished to bump higher, he couldn't due to regulations. In the Dark Jedi Order, I built my lightsabre and was promoted the position of Dark Jedi Knight.

After 5 years of loyal hard working trooper service, I was promoted to the Squad Leader position of the former Elite squad of Iron Horse Squad, now filled with new troopers ready for their firsts in battle. I will whip them into shape and make them a competition for the now elite worthy Raiders, my former squad. I then retired for around a year due to personal affairs, then returned to Raiders as a regular Trooper. Only days after my return, Rizzit approached me to inform me that he was going to be promoted to Platoon Leader, and would need someone to take over the Raiders. He asked me to be that person, so just 2 weeks after returning, I was elevated back to a Squad Leader position, of the very squad I'd started out in fresh out of the academy. Almost a year into being Squad Leader I was informed of impending personal conflicts with my position. Within a few weeks I stepped down as Squad Leader, let Phoenix take over as Squad Leader, and Cyanus take over as Assistant Squad Leader. Wishing to keep me in a leadership position in order to help out the new commanding officers of the Raiders, I was placed as the Fire Team 2 Leader of Raiders.

Due to leadership conflict that rose into all out war, I was demoted to Gunnery Sergeant. A true embarrassment on my part being able to stoop to such low levels morally. I plan to make up for my immaturities and rise over my former rank as honorably as possible. In an attept to do so, I transfered to the very squad that the Raiders were warring with, the Dark Dragoons. I was then rejected the promised position of ASL, and decided not to work under the very man that had caused my demotion, and was convinced not to go into the reserves and join Wraiths squad under SFC Kuroishi. I had been with Wraiths for a good six months when I had to take an extended leave due to personal issues, and had come back to find myself removed from the active duty list by mistake. Rizzit had placed me back into the Raiders in a regular trooper position, under one of my old squad mates of Wraith, Sergeant Slick. It was a little different for me, because I once had the highest rank in the squad, and now had no leadership role whatsoever, which could be a good thing. I had the experience, but didn't have the responsilbility. Denethor and I then retired to spend our time seeking out our mother's killer. For about a year and a half, I kept coming back and visiting randomly, and finally decided it would be a good idea to return. I spoke with Rizzit, who had been promoted to Colonel, and after his persisting, I returned as Squad Leader of ARC - Advanced Recon Commandos - the most elite squad in the Vast Empire. It should be interesting.

And again, after a long while of interests conflicting because of personal life taking over priorities, I had to move on from ARC and become an Army Adviser, looking to hopefully come back to active duty some time in the future. After almost a year I realized that I had the time to return to active duty in the Dark Jedi Order. For a few years I stayed in solitude at the Dark Jedi Temple on Lopen, acting as an Advisor to the Army. However after a mission that my brother Denethor called me on, I felt the urge to re-join the ranks of the Army. I spoke with Rizzit who is now the Company Commander and he placed me back in my original squad of Raiders, as a Sergeant Major. Soon after my return Rizzit again approached me, asking me to become one of the Drill Instructors in Hellgate Squad, the Training Squad of the VEA. He had just been promoted to Commander of Training, and needed a new group of instructors. It took a bit of thinking, but I eventually agreed. This was short lived however as the Army went through a recruitment drop off, and I decided to retire again, focusing on my studies as a Krath. These studies eventually paid off and in the revival of the Dark Jedi Order, I was appointed Sect Leader of the revamped Eagle Sect, no longer affiliated with just being Sith, but as the Warriors of the Dark Jedi Order. Along with that appointment, the Council gave me what they deemed a long overdue promotion to Krath Scholar.

Family Affairs
My younger brother Kam Vox, aka Denethor, joined the Vast Empire Navy a year and a half after I did, he is a very exceptional pilot, he graduated the academy also in two years, and was approached by CWO Gravin to help form Nazgul squadron, and moved up to PO1 in two months. Then WO2 in a year. Since then much has happened in his life, and eventually he rose to the positon of Naval Executive Officer, is the Captain of his own ship, and is also the Wing Commander of Phoenix Wing. I am very proud of him, and he has certainly surpassed any expectation that I've ever had of him. My mother was a nurse at the General Hospital of planet Kuat. My father was a trader on the Corellian Trade run. We did not see him much, so Valin and mother raised Kam and I until father died, when mother had to take a second job to support us, as a stripper. Not the proudest I was of her, but it brought in the money. About a year after Valin's death aboard the Death Star, mother was murdered by a drunken Dark Jedi name Corvus Grakin. It took me 12 years and Dark Jedi knowledge, but I eventually hunted down and killed the man.

Positions Held
Sect Lord: Eagle Sect - Current
Army Advisor - Current
Cult Member: Lion Sect - Former
Trooper: Raiders Squad - Former
Lead Trooper: ARC Squad - Former
Trooper: Wraith Squad - Former
Trooper: Dark Dragoons Squad - Former
Fire Team Captain: Raiders Squad - Former
Squad Leader: Raiders Squad - Former
Squad Leader: Iron Horse Squad - Former
Executive Officer: Raiders Squad - Former
Sergeant Major Otto Vox
Krath Scholar
Headmaster's Adjutant: Dark Jedi Academy
HA/KS Otto Vox/Eagle E-01/VEDJ/VE(LM)(ES)(SoS)(RCoD)(SoY)
Give into the inferno that is the Dark Side of the Force - Otto Vox
"The earth it shall burn right into our eyes on this very night"
"We shall destroy the earth, rebuild it, and none shall inherit it."
"Blood turned into fire, made to drink like wine"
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