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Crimson Phoenix's Profile Information
Callsign: Crimson Phoenix  Send a message to Crimson Phoenix
ComNet Rank: ComNet n00b
Avatar: Crimson Phoenix
Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: December 1
Date Joined: December 14, 2005
Last Active: February 21, 2008 at 4:03:12 PM
Number of Posts: 17
ID Line: FM/LCRW Crimson Phoenix/Nazgul 2-2/Phoenix Wing/mSSD Atrus/DEF/VEN/VE
Biography: Name: Darren (Bidalgo) Albright
Callsign: Crimson Phoenix
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5'6
Weight: 131 lbs
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Eye Color: hazel
Place of Birth: Cordelia

Appearance: Crimson Phoenix is a fairly short man, but is extremely quick, both in the physical and mental sense of the word. He has an average build with lean, muscular thighs. His skin is rough and deeply suntanned from working his father's farm. Darren keeps his hair slicked back, to reveal his ruggedly handsome face. His eyes are a rich hazel that compliment his skin tone gorgeously, and his brilliant, pearly white teeth seem almost out of place in comparison with the dark hue of his face. His attire includes a dark jacket that he is never caught without and his pair of shades that he's had for years.

Personality: Ever since the incident when he was a boy, Crimson has always forced himself to put on the facade of a fairly upbeat and positive attitude towards everything. Not only is he constantly encouraging and inspiring, he's always cracking jokes and poking fun at people, trying his best to keep every situation lighthearted. But underneath this false pretense Crimson is a scarred and pained soul. Until now, he's been able to manage and bottle his true emotions for all these hard years of lying and falsifying himself, but who knows what could happen as the new stress and tension of wars and battles come upon him.

Perhaps one of Crimson's methods of managing his raging emotions is best displayed in how he treats his women. Naturally, his charm and good looks draw their attention to him, but he is not pure at heart. He'll abuse and mistreat her, and in less than a week he'll cast his lady off to the wayside like an old shawl, picking up a new one on the very quick rebound. The fact that Crimson is a heavy drinker also reveals his hidden griefs. But, nobody would ever assume that the good, strong lad from Cordelia would have a tarnished heart. No, his parents gave him an excellent upbringing; in fact, his life (according to most) was perfect. To him, it was far from it.

With his family's history Crimson has always had a necessity for extreme formality and strict guidelines; that's probably why Crimson joined the Empire. Its air of arrogance and command structure has always intrigued him, not to mention the Imperial Navy calls home to the finest fleet of starships in the universe.

History: From the stretching, endless plains of Cordelia, Crimson Phoenix grew up on his homeworld in a tiny, agricultural city. His parents Lotus and Martha Albright gave birth to their son Darren Bidalgo Albright. He attended formalized school until he was sixteen and was very sociable and basically friendly toward everyone. His parents raised him to be strong and kind, a man who knew what he wanted to do with his life.

Ever since he was a boy, Darren was always fascinated with the birds, bats, and yorks that flew over his head when he played by the barn. He would lay on the bed in his room for hours and dream what it was like to sail through the skies without a care in the world. When Darren reached the age of seventeen, his father allowed him to fly the agricultural airships to roost the fields in mid-August, and his dreams came true. From the very moment when the ag-ship gained enough thrust to pull its nose away from the ground and he felt the acceleration send him upward, Darren knew that he wanted to be a military pilot and soar in airships and starships like these.

But long before this, on the eve of Darren's eighth birthday, the most influential event of his life occurred. The day was nearing dusk, the orange sun barely peeked over the horizon, and the young boy was preparing for sleep. He crept up the stairs to the bedroom floor and walked down the hall towards his parent's room. It was always expected for the children of Cordelia to check in with their parents before bed. As he slowly pushed open the door to the master room, Darren saw what he remembers as a "fascinating horror". [I feel compelled to withhold this piece of the story as it contains explicit content.] His father tried to console him when he discovered Darren had seen what happened. He tried to explain to his son that what he saw was necessary for their family to thrive in the community, what, with being a farming family and all. But nothing could placate Darren, and in so doing, his parents decided to reason with him and ask him to appear as though nothing had happened and everything was okay. He struggled at first, but it soon became daily ritual for him to lie to his friends, teachers, everyone. Whatever it took to keep up the facade, he was forced to do it.

Darren continued to work his father's farm reluctantly until he was nineteen, the ag-ships remarkably never losing that same thrill for him for those last two years (it was the ag-ships that practically kept him sane for those two years). After his last harvest, he left his home without even receiving his father's approval, hitching on the first freighter ship he could to enlist in the Imperial Navy and attach his callsign Crimson Phoenix. When Crimson first arrived he was placed through the vigorous trials of basic training, but with his supreme ability, he was quickly promoted to the rank of 'Leading Crewman' and placed accordingly into the Nazgul Squadron under the squadron commander Shazam and under command of his flight leader Jack Nebulax. Crimson plans on training harder still and proving himself to his seniors in order to be promoted as he knows he should be.

The Crimson Phoenix

"Try not a barrel roll. Do a barrel roll or do not a barrel roll. There is no try a barrel roll." - Masta Yoder

FM/LCRW Crimson Phoenix/Nazgul 2-2/Phoenix Wing/mSSD Atrus/DEF/VEN/VE

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