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Evanture Marana's Profile Information
Callsign: Evanture Marana  Send a message to Evanture Marana
ComNet Rank: ComNet n00b
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Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: October 9
Date Joined: December 7, 2005
Last Active: January 7, 2006 at 1:15:06 AM
Number of Posts: 14
ID Line: TRN/CRW Evanture Marana/[squadron] - [placement]/[wing]/[ship]/[fleet]/VEN/VE
Name: Evanture "Evan" Marana

Callsign: Tyreal

Age: 25

Height: 5'11

Weight: 190lbs

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Place of Birth: Coruscant

Evanture was born a member of the republic. His parents were advisors toLeia Organa Solo, prior to her stepping down.. His parents, using their political power got Evan into the special operations portion of the milatary was sent to spy upon the Imperial methods.

Evan who enjoys order. For years his parents tried unsuccessfully to get him to go into politics after them, but the constant bickering and cheating of politcians did not appeal to him. At home, he was mostly found in the guards lounge speaking about anything and everything with the guards. With those people he felt truly at home, people who earned their pay and jobs. When his parents approached him before his assignment to the Special Ops, he was expecting another failing attempt to turn him to politics. He was shocked when they offered him the position in Ops. Gladly he took it seeing the position as an opprotunity to earn the respect he was given because of his family status. Even there he was dissappointed because they gave him special treatment. When approached with an off world assignment he gladly took it, seeing it as a chance to prove himself.

He was forged into a higher portion of the Imperial Govt. and after a month of relaying information he approached his supirior and confessed of spying. He requested that he be pardoned and placed in the academy for his weeks of seeing the Imperial way, he realized that the Imperials had a good idea. The organized methods of combat and the way that everyone, no matter birth, could acheive high positions as long as they proved themselves appealed to Evan. Now he is beginning his quest in the Imperial Navy.

Through the Navy he knows that his name won't matter to anyone. No one knows the name 'Marana' here in the Imperial life, and those who do, know it only because Evan left an impression on them. It is this fact that keeps Evan in the academy, and he has the hopes of one day becoming a captain.

Personality: Evan has a very warm personality for those who get to know him. At first glance he is a hard person, and will do almost anything to succeed. If people take the chance and try to get to know him though, they learn that he is a very humorous person. He looks at life with a strange sense of irony. While he takes his job very seriously, his off duty is another matter. He lives by the quote, "Don't Take life Too Seriously. You won't get out alive."

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