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Argon Viper's Profile Information
Callsign: Argon Viper  Send a message to Argon Viper
ComNet Rank: ComNet Expert
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Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: January 1
Date Joined: April 28, 2001
Last Active: April 9, 2005 at 9:10:04 PM
Number of Posts: 1,789
ID Line: SM/SGM Argon Viper/4SQD/1PLT/1COMP/1BAT/1RGT

Name: Argon Viper
Height: 2.6 meters
Weight: 550 kilograms
Hair Color: Dark Brown(Fur really, but hair works...)
Eye Color: Dark Black
Reason for joining the Empire: Whiphid hunter instincts
Place of Birth: Toola


Argon Viper was born on Toola, the grandson of a minor tribal leader. His life was the usual for a Whiphid, hunting and learning the tribal system until he was ten years old(Whiphids mature faster than humans, so it was the equivalent of eighteen human years), when his grandfather was killed in honorable combat by a rival clan leader. Argon made the long journey to the other clan leader's fortress by himself, braving the bitter cold and vicious predators of Toola for over five days. Upon arrival, he immediately issued his challenge to the clan leader, who fed and sheltered him for the night before, as was required by custom to make sure the victory is not tainted. In single combat the next day, Argon beat his enemy after a long battle. He still bears scars from that first taste of blood today.

With that battle, he earned himself a reputation as the only Whiphid ever to win in single combat that early in life. He left the planet Toola at the age of twelve, already recognized as a skilled hunter, and joined the HOS:SO(Hand of Sith:Secret Order). While there, he was admitted into the elite squadron, but his stay was notably short, as the HOS:SO was in bad shape and was forced to disband, with most of the remaining personnel joining the DLSF(Dark Lightning Strike Force). While there, Argon proved his skill time and again, taking on situations once thought impossible and clearing through them easily. This sparked his rapid rise from Flight Member to Squadron Commander to Commodore of an Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer within a year. Unfortunately, despite the success of his ISD II Illoustrious, the DLSF also fell on hard times, and merged with the IW(Intruder Wing). While there, Argon joined a part time ground operations group known as the POD(Planetary Operations Division). The commander of this group was GN Daishi, and his second in command was MAJ Joachim Geist.

The group quickly made a name for itself, viciously defending the IW home planet of Eridani from the attacking Rebels. Unfortunately, the Rebels eventually overwhelmed anything the IW could force up against them, and the IW was forced to flee and downsize, decommisioning the Illoustrious. Argon, unwilling to scrap the ship, set it adrift in interstellar space, set on an automatic defense program that can only be deactivated by his personal keyword. Even after the defeat at Eridani, Argon could not be kept down, taking command of Diamond Squadron less than a month afterward. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough, and too many people began to leave, forcing the IW to shut down. The POD managed to survive as the Fallen Angels by closing a deal with the Vast Empire, where Daishi happened to have a clone(noone knows which of them is the clone and which the original). After a short time in the VE Army, however, even though Argon once again managed to rise up, taking command of a squad, most the FA decided that the Army life was too disciplined for them and left to form a mercenary squad in the VEEC(Vast Empire Engineering Corps). Argon, torn between staying with the VEA or the FA, decided to clone himself, giving a "memoryshare" device to both, and altering things so that neither would know which was the clone.

Since that time, the VEA Argon has brought the Dread Knights Squad from a two man black ops squad to an eight man black ops squad, with some of the most psychotic troopers that can be found anywhere. In the FA, Argon has assisted Daishi in returning to his home planet and taking care of some unfinished business. These are the life and times of Argon Viper.

Argon Viper
Sergeant Major/Senior Writer, VE Today
IW COL Argon Viper{ret}
Fallen Angel and Proud of It!
"History is on the move, those who cannot keep up will watch from a distance, and those who get in our way will not watch at all" - Grand Admiral Thrawn
"Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses" - Carl G Jung

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