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Tokijin's Profile Information
Callsign: Tokijin  Send a message to Tokijin
ComNet Rank: ComNet Cadet
Avatar: Tokijin
Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthday: September 27
Date Joined: September 4, 2005
Last Active: December 27, 2015 at 12:06:33 AM
Number of Posts: 258
ID Line: XO/MCPO Tokijin/Nazgul 3/ Wing 1/ mSSD Atrus/Denfensive Fleet/VEN/VE (=*A*=) (=*SA*=) [BWC] [VC:B] [CBV] [MC1]
Biography: Physical Description:
Full Name: Unknown; goes by Toki or Tokijin
Rank: Master Chief Petty Officer
Age: 21
Height: 5'10
Weight: 130 pounds
Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Light brown curly hair with bangs and strips of her hair naturally blue.
Eye Color: Blueish-Grey
Home Planet: Farhen Rina
Speaks: Basic, Farhian.
Family: Mother; father deceased and no other relatives
Other: Can read and understand many other languages, but can't speak them.
Emotional Description: Tokijin is very shy by nature. She doesnt like large crowds but would rather not be alone either. Toki has a tendency to freak out when she is completely and utterly alone, a reaction formed after being locked up in a small room for hours on end, with nothing but her thoughts. But when Tokijin is around people she knows and loves, she comes out of her shell and will become outgoing and silly; complete trust is needed for this to occur.
Physical Description: She has a slim build; but her legs being her strongest weapon, developed by long periods of time spent swimming. She has a lot of endurance, and can run long distances if necessary, but wont do it voluntarily.

History: Tokijin lived on the small planet of Farhen Rina her entire life. Her entire life consisted of 19 so far, but in those 19 years she witnessed the development of her home planet. Farhen Rina was a water planet, drowned by the rains that caused floods twice every week or so. Small islands dot the landscape and vegetation has developed over time to a point where all the plants and trees need is an excess amount of sunlight, and the only soil it needs is something that will work as an anchor so the harsh waters don't wash them away. Some of these plants are rare to other planets and can be sold at high prices. The Farhen people have learned to send out transport cargo ships only every so often. This would cause the need for those plants to rise, and also raising the prices. So the cargo ships would only set out once the prices reached their high, and a good amount of credits can be earned and would help the planet survive until the next time the ships would go. Everything was based around this schedule.

Tokijin lived under a strict tyranny that was her mother. Her mother was a tall, loud, scary looking woman, striking fear into her daughter's heart whenever her voice was raised. Her husband left Farhen Rina just after Tokijins birth, not wanting to bare the responsibility of a child that his wife had given him. He left the woman and her crying infant with no credits, and no connections, making their life difficult. And as Tokijin grew, her mother's kindness was lost and no love was found in their mother-daughter relationship, her mother only finding Toki a burden that she didn't deserve.

Her mother had set rules. Tokijin was not allowed to be a failure in school, and disobedience was punishable with a beating. So when Tokijin had a chance, she would often skip school to venture off on her own to do the only thing that gave her a small amount of freedom. Swimming. She had the freedom to go where she chose, to stop and look at what she wanted to. While she was swimming she was not put under a time limit, nor was she set to a boundary that she was not allowed to cross. She would do anything to get that high she felt when she was free. One more pastime she felt gave her that incredible feeling of freedom was flying.

When Toki was a small child, she had witnessed the taking off of the cargo ships. She watched it soar and break the clouded atmosphere. Ever since that day she had a strong longing to be like the ship, and break free of all the rules, and just fly. Then one year she figured out how she could do this. One man that flew the cargo ship spotted her one day, stealing a peek at the ship and he called her over, offering his friendship and an offer she couldn't refuse. He would let her rid on the ship in the cargo bay, just as long as she stayed hidden. She quickly took up the offer and went along for the ride. At the age of twelve without knowing it, she started a tradition that would one day change her life.

The man would take Tokijin to the marketplace and bring her to the bookstore and would buy books for her, offering her an escape when the days got long and hard and full of punishment locked up in her room. She looked to this man as her hero and her grandfather. He was old and a beard and a pleasant smile always accompanied his wise facial features. The cargo ship would be gone for a week at a time, and it wasn't until later that she figured out that the man was paying her mother to let her go on this little escape trip. As long as she always came back, her mother never said a word to her.

Then Tokijin grew up. It was her 19th birthday, a dark and dismal day. She had been sentenced to her room for not doing well in her studies and would suffer noon until morning the next day without any food. This made Tokijin more worried than it usually would; the cargo ship was leaving the next morning, more or less likely after Tokijin would be released from her room. She decided she wouldn't waste her energy worrying and got off her bed to removed a book from her secret hiding place. Her mattress sat on a metal frame, all four sides reached the ground and she had figured out that underneath her mattress if she pulled up on a piece of unfastened metal she had a perfect place to hide things. This soon became a haven for her books. More than a hundred real paper copies were safely hidden beneath her place of rest. But that day was not to be her luckiest, and would end up being one of her last on Farhen Rina.

Her mattress was pushed aside and Tokijin was reaching into her hiding place when she heard the unexpected swish of the door. She kneeled there, frozen. She heard footsteps and a hand suddenly grabbed her hair harshly and flung Tokijin to the side, and she slammed into a nearby wall, pain flaring up her back. Her mother stood there, staring into her bed at all the books. This was not part of her deal with the old man. He was not to buy her a thing, and least of all books. Books opened up into different worlds, inspiring ideas. She did not want her child's head filled with ideas.

She turned to the trembling girl hiding in the corner and gripped her by her long wavy hair once more. Quiet words of pleading mercy escaped from her lips and tears formed in the corner of her eyes. Tokijin was trying to stand, and she had grabbed onto her wrist with both hands, trying to stop the pain. Her mother flung her against the wall and when her head collided with it darkness sprouted in her vision, and her world went back.

When she opened her eyes slightly a headache brought her immense pain. A soft hushed voice had awakened her from her unconscious state. She looked up to see the face of the old man, his smile brought her comfort. He told her to stand, that she was to come with him. Toki glanced out the window to see that it was early morning. The man looked at her. He had broken into her house while her mother was asleep. Her mother had confronted him about what he had been doing, and in a fit of rage told him she would gladly kill him. Tokijin's eyes widened when he told her this and she let him lead him out of the house after she quickly packed a small duffle bag to the hanger, and her friend told her to join the Vast Empire Navy, and to change her name. She would be safe from her mother there. She would have to forget him and all that she had ever known. And with tear-filled Tokijin agreed. She boarded the cargo ship, sitting in a passenger seat for the first time.

Her heart leaped as she realized at the Navy she would finally be able to fly. She would be a bird released from its cage; the sky was the limit. She would start her life anew, meet new people and she would finally have her freedom.

When she arrived at the VEN, she had to decide on a new name. She figured Tokijin was suitable. It had been her 'secret' name her childhood friend had called her, but her friend had been killed by rebels when she was eleven. It was after she joined up with the VE did she realize the old man had been her best friend's father. He had done well to keep that a secret from her. She would always remember him; even though he had told her to forget about him, she would never be able to forget his acts of kindness. He had been the one to open the door to her cage.
MCPO Tokijin/mSSD Atrus/Defensive Fleet/VEN/VE (=*A*=) (=*SA*=) [BWC] [VC:B] [CBV] [MC1]

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