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Garet Daimun's Profile Information
Callsign: Garet Daimun  Send a message to Garet Daimun
ComNet Rank: ComNet Veteran
Avatar: Garet Daimun
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: August 12
Date Joined: August 23, 2005
Last Active: July 16, 2018 at 3:23:35 PM
Number of Posts: 1,348
ID Line: AAS-2/GSG Garet Daimun/Tadath/VEA/VE [ES2C] [ES1C] [IH]
Biography: Physical Appearance

Native Language: Basic
Hair Color: None (Bald)
Eye Color: Black
Skin Color: Tanned
Height: 6'3
Weight: 210 lbs
Age: 19
Full Name: Garet Daimun
Physical Build: Medium
Homeworld: Coruscant
Family: Kopurn Daimun (Father, Deceased) Lyla Lon-Daimun (Mother, Deceased)

-Novice training in heavy machinery/weaponry
-Skilled in Hapkido, a martial art style focusing on penetration of defenses and nonresistance when meeting force using large, sweeping circular motions. Able to use polearms, but specializes in unarmed combat.

Honor and pride come first with Garet. Ever since he enrolled in school it was the way he was taught. He also pities those who aren't learned, and is angered with those who are ignorant enough not to learn. Garet has an opinion on almost everything, and defends himself if challenged. He has an iron will, a resolute temper, and thinks things through before he acts.


Life on Coruscant is busy, to say the least. All the speeders, starships, and cruisers weaving in and out of all the glistening, white, sun-bathed monoliths of buildings. For most, it's work or business that has them going, for others, it's travel. Crime fills the streets, consuming the noblest of people. But in the midst of it all, there are some that are forced to take it step by step in some unfortunate situations.

Garet Daimun was born into a lower class family on Coruscant. He was an only child, and the only thing that kept his mother and father on that planet. Garet's father was a man of the military, however he wasn't in service. His name was Kopurn Daimun, and he was a janitor in one of the local Army Recruiting Centers. He didn't have the best or most honorable job, but it put food on the table and payed the taxes. His mother stayed at home taking care of Garet, until she died of poor health when he was three. From there on out, Garet had to learn for himself all the basics of life due to the fact that his father was at work most of the day.

His first passion was cooking. Since his mother died, he had picked up cooking at an early age, and was a natural. He cooked for just him and his father at first, but started selling his dishes to close family friends. He even convinced his father to sell some food to the employees at the recruiter's office. His small business earned him a small fortune, which he kept at a bank for later needs.

At around five, Garet's father wanted him to attend schooling, which was rare for lower class children to do. Because of his family's economic standing, most local public school's wouldn't take him. There was one final option for Garet's schooling, which was private schooling. With the profits saved from his cooking, Garet's father enrolled him in the local Hapkido Academy. It was a martial arts school, but it was the only one that offered education for him and actually accepted him. However this school was focused around battle and the martial arts, and most of the courses consisted of this; Garet would learn, but not the everyday subjects. His studies mostly consisted of Hapkido Classes, Battle Strategy, Mechanical Sciences, and two electives that happened to be Cooking and Weaponry. Garet couldn't afford to be in any other classes, so he took these with gratitude and excelled at all of them.

Seeing his father's job as an opportunity to get ahead on the competition at school, he spent his days after school at the recruiting office reading pamphlets and books and anything else informative on the army. Kopurn took pride in his son's interest in the army. He saw this as a chance at something he couldn't accomplish, and did everything he could to keep Garet's schooling going.

~Fast Forward Six Years~

Garet is now eleven, and times had gotten more and more dangerous on Coruscant. A crime syndicate had somehow gotten Imperial equipment and went around committing crimes near the area where the Daimuns lived. Garet had now become the star pupil of the Hapkido Academy and had almost miraculously been able to scratch by and keep up the payments. No one ever questioned how he did it, everyone was just glad at how advanced he was at his studies.

However, there was a horrible truth behind all of this. One afternoon after school had ended, Garet was on his usual route towards the recruiting office. He had to go to the back way and have his dad sneak him in: Garet was thrown out because he had gotten hold of restricted records. Anyways, as Garet turned the corner, he witnessed his father and three men in black robes having an argument...

"Please... The shipment doesn't come in until tomorrow, I can get them to you then!" said the familiar voice of Kopurn.

"You're already overdue. We need something now, or we can end this agreement of ours." Said the robed man in the middle.

"Please, just one more day. The armor isn't coming consistently anymore, the factories have too many customers! We have few weapons, but I can't let anyone know that they're gone, it would be too obvious!" The largest man, who stood like a giant against Kopurn's body, pushed him up against the wall. The large man spoke menacingly.

"Listen old man! We need them now! Our weapons are destroyed and our armor is bullet-ridden. If you wish to have your son stay in school, you will give us something of equal value. Your life would do just fine!"

"Easy, Pora," said the middle one, "If we dispose of him now, Master will dispose of us. I suggest we just give him a warning." At that, the last robed man pulled out a crimson blaster.

Garet couldn't help but yell out at them before they shot.

"Do it!" Yelled the middle man who seemed startled, and with a piercing sound, the blaster shot went through Kopurn's leg.

The man who was named Pora started running. "We gotta go!" The other three ran after him.

Kopurn was on the ground sitting up against the wall. "Garet..." He said weakly, "How much did you see?" When Garet admitted he saw everything, Kopurn let out a sigh. "I'm sorry son. All of this trouble is because of me. I've been selling the Imperial equipment to that syndicate for money to pay for your education. I'm... Sorry." After he revealed this, Garet helped him up and started walking him to the academy.

Garet explained the situation to a crowd of professors as they rushed to him and his father when he entered. After some medical treatments, the academy's headmaster asked Garet to come speak to him. Garet explained it to him, detail by detail.

"So, that is how you were able to pay. As much as I am disturbed by the way you were paying, I am glad you were able to stay. Word has spread about you at the other academies." The Headmaster smiled.

"Other academies?" asked Garet, unknown to him.

"Oh yes, this is just one of four. There's one on Tatooine, one on Dantooine, and one on Korriban. We teach students from all of those planets. In fact, we have arranged a shuttle to take you to Dantooine. For protection purposes, of course."

"Dantooine? You mean that planet with the old Jedi Enclave? Why not Korriban? Would it not be better to study closer to the Dark Jedi? Would it not be much safer?"

"We have our reasons. Dantooine would be a less likely place for divisions of a crime syndicate to reside. Thus, it's safer. Plus the professors at the Dantooine Academy have offered to grant you a scholarship. As long as you attend their school, you learn for free."

"For free... I guess I have no choice. I'll go to Dantooine."

The next couple of months were used to settle into their Dantooine lifestyle. Kopurn settled in with a leg implant as a Picket herder, the long-necked resident herbivores. The kids in the Academy loved to come over to the Daimun homestead to play with the Pickets, and it gained Garet kudos from everyone.

Garet rose to the top at the Academy once again, free of money worries and able to focus on Hapkido and his other studies. A few years later (when he was fifteen) he was revered as a Hapkido Master among his peers, and could easily defeat any of them. As a symbol of his mastery, his head was shaved of all hair (except his eyebrows) and a Black Crescent Tattoo was place around his right eye: from his temple to his nose bridge. Also as a symbol of mastery, he was now being paid to teach the class to new students. His new focus was now on Battle Strategy. He was given an inside edge by his professor because of his Hapkido Mastery, but the subject didn't go as well for him as it did for other students. All this time spent on Hapkido made his other studies weaker, and thus, it took a longer time for him to complete other courses.

The average age at which one completes their studies at the Hapkido Academies is sixteen. However, Garet spent most of his time teaching Hapkido, as most of the previous Masters were enrolling in the Army or too old to continue teaching. At seventeen Garet completed his Strategy Studies, and began the Mastery of his Cooking studies (He felt that because he mastered unarmed combat, he didn't need to learn armed combat, ie: Mechanical Science and Weaponry). He mastered it the same year, thanks to an early start.

Already behind on his graduation, Garet desperately wanted to get it done with. After a debate with the Headmaster, an agreement was made. If Garet passed a Novice exam in his final two studies, he could graduate. He managed to finish both of them by age eighteen, and graduated with high standings. Remarks were made here and there about him: his tremendous loyalty to the Academy, his iron will, his keen mind. All of this applied to him truthfully, and the list could go on from there.

After his graduation, times got a little strange around the village. Strangers were coming from nowhere in Black Starships, and going in and out of the Academy. Garet realized this during his classes. He was teaching now, not learning. He was getting paid for it too.

The men watched his classes almost everyday. They looked familiar and they wore dark robes. Garet couldn't put a finger on it, but he couldn't help but recognize them. However his life went on as usual, one year passed and nothing significant happened.

On his nineteenth birthday, an Imperial Cruiser came to the Academy, looking for new recruits. Garet and a couple other Hapkido Masters saw this as an opportunity to put their mastery to good use, and joined up with the Cruiser. Garet said his goodbyes, left half of his savings to his father, and set course for Tadath and the Imperial Army Headquarters.

About ten minutes into the flight, alarms went off through the ship. Garet and his companions looked out the window and saw one of the Black Starships shooting at the Imperial Cruiser. There was a firefight between the two, and it suddenly stopped. The ship disappeared, but gunfire was heard down the ship. Garet and the three other masters ran to the sounds. What they saw was Stormtrooper's firing at Stormtroopers, or at least that's what it looked like.

Then that's when it all clicked. The Black Robes, they were the Syndicate Garet's father got involved with: They finally caught up. From behind Garet a voice spoke.

"You're late." Garet recognized this voice, and after the rest of the Stormtroopers fell, he turned around. It was one of the Hapkido masters, and he had already neutralized the other two.

"I held my up part, here he is. Now, where are my credits?"

Garet turned around again and was in shock. Three Black Robed men were holding Crimson Blasters.

"You!" Garet said in amazement. "What have you done to my father?!"

"We havn't done anything. However some of our subordinates have. He is dead, for treason against the Qu'Lan Syndicate."

As the statement finished, Garet swung his leg around and hit the traitorous master in the head, knocking him out. "This isn't over." Garet started a full charge, running in a serpentine trail dodging blaster fire from the three Robed Men. He lunged at them with his legs in the air, but Pora countered with his own kick, knocking Garet down.

Pora loomed over Garet's body, cracking his neck. "Finally, revenge. No one commits treason against the Qu'Lan Syndicte." He picked Garet up, and threw him across the room. Denting a wall with pure force. As Pora walked nearer, a group of Stormtroopers rounded the corner and opened fire. All three of the robed men and the fake Stormtroopers took hits and fired back, but only Pora was still standing. He jumped into the air and landed on two Stormtroopers, killing them instantly.While Pora was kicking his way through the others, Garet had time to get up, quickly rushing Pora in the process. Pora turned around just in time to see a fist come around in a 360 degree turn and connect with his jaw. He spun around like a rag doll before he hit the floor. Garet slowly walked over, and kicked him in the ribs, puncturing a lung and killing him.

Garet returned to his quarters and went to sleep. He need the rest because the ship was still en route to Tadath, and Garet was still going to join the Army.

Service Record

Garet was originally placed in Lancer Squad; he obtained one promotion (Lance Corporal) and one medal (Emperor's Cross, Second Class). His stay was short, as Lancer was disbanded in order to fill other Squads who were taking losses. Upon request, he was transferred to Dark Dragoons. During his service in DD Squad, he received two promotions (Corporal, Sergeant). During a mission o nUtapau, Garet had his tattoo removed. After the loss of his Squad Leader, Evani, he was also chosen to serve as Fire Team Leader. Shortly after becoming FTL of Dark Dragoons, the Storm Platoon Commander and Jester Squad Leader, Kairo, took a leave. Kairo asked Garet to fill in for him as Jester SL; and shortly after recieving this position, he was promoted to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. He was forced to take a personal leave, and when he came back Jester was no more. He accepted an offer to be the LEader of Eclipse Squad, a newly fromed Squad. That is Garet's current position in the Imperial Army.

RETIREDAAS-2/GSG Garet Daimun/Tadath/VEA/VE [ES2C] [ES1C] [IH]

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