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Trevor Evenson's Profile Information
Callsign: Trevor Evenson  Send a message to Trevor Evenson
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Trevor Evenson
Division(s): VE - Dark Jedi Order
VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: August 19
Date Joined: August 16, 2005
Last Active: May 22, 2019 at 5:05:27 PM
Number of Posts: 860
Biography: Name: Trevor Evenson

Preferred Callsign: Ace

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 152lbs

Hair color: Blonde

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Special/Miscellaneous: Hair is long and tied back into a ponytail, and he refuses to cut it. During combat, he tucks it into his flight suit to stay out of the way. He has a scar on his right arm, all the way from his wrist to his shoulder, caused by a run-in with pirates when he was younger.

History: Born on Nar Shadda, He grew up with smugglers who worked for the Rebel Alliance. They were eventually killed in a small smugglers war, and He was left alone, with an inheritence of one ship, to do what he pleased.

He smuggled whenever he could get a job, but was interested in joining the alliance. After a few more years, He was accepted and assigned to Hussar Squadren, A Squad of Y-wings, Lead by Commander Szar, a Trandosian with what would be considered anger problems in a human, although it was normal for trandosians.

After a year of flying with The Hussars, Corruption broke out in the fleet that they had been assigned to. This, coupled with the loss of their home ship, The Liberty, being destroyed by the second death star, The entire Squad mutined, and got away with a bunch of fighters and a small corvette, but this was not worried about by the Rebels, as it happened right after their vicotry celebration.

The squad was hunted once the Rebels realized that one of thier most elite squads could be a danger to the republic, If they were ever to attack. A few of the squad members were killed by Republic fighters, but the squad had destroyed at least ten times that number in rebel fighters.

After a year of running, It was down to Reaper, Ace(Trevor), and Szar. Durring a battle with a squad of A-wings, Szar was killed.

Trevor and Reaper had had enough, and decided to hit a large group of X-wing recruits with all they had. The two of them decimated 8 recruits and the training officer in one attack, and went back to the friegter to plan thier next attack.

During their next raid on a NR base, Reaper was killed in the heat of the fight. Trevor managed to destroy a total of 29 X-wings, and Reaper got 26 before getting killed. Trevor returned to the friegter alone, and mourned for Reaper for the next few days.

At the end of his mourning, he returned to Nar Shadda, and sold his freigter and fighter, and purchased a ticket on a shuttle to an imperial training camp.

When he was admitted, He quickly gained the rank of Senior Crewman, and passed his Aviator Exam with flying colours, being the fiorst in his training class to graduate out. He was assigned a place in Nazgul Squadren, Nazgul 3, under command of Ensign Shazam.

Trevor pulled a barrel roll to avoid the X-wing`s fire.

"Ace to Reaper, I have an X on my tail, can you give me a hand?" He said calmly into his commlink. He pushed his throttle farther forward in an attempt to outrun the Newer X-wing in his old model Z95-Headhunter.This plan was quickly thwarted. The X-wing was on his tail like stink on a bantha.

"Reaper to Ace, I got him covered!" Said a voice over the comm., followed by a large explosion behind Trevor. Although he could not hear it, He could feel the intense heat for a second, before it vanished into the coldness of space.

"Thanks Reaper, I owe you."

"Time to request that favor." Reaper replied, "I have an X on my tail to...think you can give a helping hand?"

"Not a problem." Trevor said, looping around and arming his torpedo. He waited for a lock and fired. The X-wing must have noticed, because he pulled a tight left turn and the torpedo followed for a minute, but broke loose of its lock. "Damn!" Trevor cursed to himself.

He pulled a hard left, keeping on the X-wing`s tail. When the X-wing straightened out, he let loose a barrage of blaster fire, tearing the X-wing to shreds.

"Yeah!!" He yelled, pulling a slow barrel roll then checked his scanners. "Nothing. Good."

"Ok Reaper, Time to head home." He said happily, even though he enjoyed fighting the rebels.
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