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zar mulix's Profile Information
Callsign: zar mulix  Send a message to zar mulix
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: zar mulix
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: September 26
Date Joined: June 2, 2005
Last Active: March 16, 2006 at 10:12:37 AM
Number of Posts: 612
Biography: Name: unknown known only as Zar Mulix
Birth Place: Coruscant
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
About 6'0 200lbs

Zar Mulix was basically a loner who liked to avoid problems. Parents were unknown but he was found by and taken in by a family and joined the Imperial Army as a stormtrooper. Proficient in arms, he felt he was never appreciated. He rose ranks rapidly but didn't feel satisfied with his job. He didn't like feeling bossed around by the empire. He was okay with taking orders, but felt he needed some more freedom. He heard about many people looking for bounty hunters and he considered it. He was pushed over the edge when he was forced to kill a relative during a raid on his base. Upon a trip to Corellia, he took all of his things and hid on the planet. He was searched for, but eventually the empire didnt care and abandoned the search. Zar Mulix met many thugs and gangsters and joined them hoping to make money to support himself. He became both a bodyguard and bounty hunter, but not a very good one. He stored his armor hoping to never use it again, and instead wore some light armor underneath some robes he used to own, giving him a mysterious menacing look. Some even mistook him for a jedi. Zar Mulix avoided conflict as much as he could but was sometimes faced with dangrous situations. At one point his right forearm was slashed open by a vibroaxe. He still has that scar.
Angered by his wound he decided to stop taking many of the jobs and thus made less money. But still, he managed to save up money and bought an old used jedi starfighter (the old model with the tiefighter-like cockpit) that was about to be thrown out. Zar Mulix searched the galaxy for someplace to settle. Through this time period he started training alone and raising his skills. He learned how to use a vibroaxe and he became more demanding of himself and his skills. He now ran into battles he sometimes encountered instead of running. He met up with some remnant troops and decided his original choice was the way to go. He became a stormtrooper again but also made visits to Corellia to take bountys. Making money from the bountys he bought himself better weapons and armor, and enhanced his starfighter with new wapons and parts. Zar Mulix did this hoping to start a new life and to be free and an independent person, not relying on others for jobs, missions, and money.
Private First Class Zar Mulix
Raiders Squad- We're The Best of the Best
But We're Only Human

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