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Callsign: KnightWind  Send a message to KnightWind
ComNet Rank: ComNet Cadet
Avatar: KnightWind
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: October 5
Date Joined: May 1, 2005
Last Active: March 6, 2023 at 11:16:02 PM
Number of Posts: 223
ID Line:
PFC KnightWind/2ndSqd/2ndPlt/1stCom/1stBat/Antifarea/VEA [LoR]DarkDragoons

Biography: Antifarea, third planet of the Anirealm system. Dark, vast and full of danger, AntiFarea has become a haven for smugglers, wanted men, and the AntiLite Market. It seemed that AntiFareas' destiny was to be the heart of a vile rebellious beast. Order was obsolete on this dank planet. Its inhabitants traveled from every inch of the galaxy, which included places I never heard of. It would be this very place where evil came to hide their troubles then leave to create more.

I was just a little kid, no more than twelve and had been living on the streets for nearly four years. I can still remember waking up each morning to the site of radiation filters, changing their cycles and releasing the poisonous gasses into the air by the gallons. It was about that time each morning that I would start my self-appointed job. It had taken me three years to get it down right but I was finally one of the best pickpockets in the neighborhood where I lived. I had my fair share of close encounters, and my fair share of punishment for my crimes. To me, taking a few Antilian credits didn't seem as horrible as everyone else made it seem. There was more money slipping through the presidents' hands than any Galactic Bank in and around our solar system. It was hard keeping up with current events. Something was always changing, whether it was a new president promising peace and order, or even a new set of laws to follow. In either case the people never believed or followed much of the laws. The new presidents were usually paid to just sit there and if they opened their mouths they would have to worry about talking anymore.

I had just finished buying myself something to eat that morning, with the money I got from my latest pawn, when I turned the corner and came face to face with Xelqin. Xelqin never liked his name, on the streets he was known as KnightAura because he seemed to drift in and out with the radiation currents. We had always thought that he was some kind of species no one on AntiFarea has heard of, even though he looks perfectly human. He on the other hand had always tried to get me killed or worse, arrested because he thought that if I were gone he would take over the neighborhood. His intentions never made much sense to me.

I was never the one to act like a leader because that city meant nothing to me. The children that lived in our sector followed me mainly, I thought, because I had a meal almost everyday. We ended up making a small gang, KnightAura managed to include himself but I didn't care. They seemed desperate, and did everything they could to keep together. I remember a couple of times when KnightFire and KnightMare would break into the confinement area that was built by the "police" (members of the AntiLite market who are paid to keep anyone and anything out of their business) to rescue some of the kids on our block. The crimes were small, such as pickpocket the wrong person, stealing some Antilian Jurdice (a tasty snack on our planet), or wonder off into a bad sector that most stayed away from. Whatever the case may have been, the Antilites punished us anyway. That's how things worked for us. We would steal, get caught, then escape.

That was my way of life, until one normal day for me turned into one an unlucky day of events.
PFC KnightWind/2ndSqd/1StPlt/1stCom/1stBat/Antifarea/VEA [LoR]

I do not fear the future, I fear what I will turn it into.

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