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Callsign: Shakey  Send a message to Shakey
ComNet Rank: ComNet Cadet
Avatar: Shakey
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthday: September 9
Date Joined: April 30, 2005
Last Active: August 26, 2011 at 6:49:20 PM
Number of Posts: 268
ID Line: Jen Chalten
Biography: Jen Chalten had grown up is a several of places. She moved with the times going wherever the solar winds took her. Not much is known about Jen Chalten accept her file in the Imperial Army Stormtrooper Data Bank. She has always been a sort of mystery to her colleges, and never was one to talk too much. Her common history started out on an unknown jungle planet. Jen Chalten had woken up one day to find she remembered nothing and in a strange environment. Upon further investigation of her situation she found that she was indeed clothed and hungry. She could see very well for some reason and discovered an amazing strength. She wandered the jungle planet for days looking for food. She grew very hungry and decided that she had to fend for herself. She went out on a hunt for food. She found no wild berries or edible roots of any kind, and there for decided to take a more aggressive approach. By this time Jen had discovered her amazing strength and cat like reflexes. She was clothed in a black yet tight robe that made moving easy. She found that she could move silently and could lunge with great accuracy. That left the single problem of how to kill her pray. She could always use her strength, but she was tired and hungry leaving little energy to spare on more than one attempt. Upon searching her person she found two bone knives strapped on with leather straps to her wrists. The blades were sharp and the handles fit her perfectly. The blades would make a much more convenient method of killing her pray, and she could skin the animal too. First Jen went after the meager pray of local rodents. The rats and rabbits proved little satisfaction to her great hunger. She found that there was a local type of dear that grazed not far from the tree she had made her home. She found the grazers out in a small clearing where they could see everything. A direct approach would prove pointless and a waste of precious energy. Instead Jen went for stealth. She found that her inhuman eyes could detect everything from energy signatures to the slightest twinge in the wind. She circled around her pray staying downwind. She found that a low leaning branch of a nearby tree provided the perfect perch for her attack. She climbed the tree and slowly and quietly moved out onto the branch, and waited. At first she had to wait for the animals to ignore the small rustling noise she had made when she had climbed the tree and gotten out onto the branch. Then she had to wait for them to move close enough that she could pounce and make a successful kill. She waited for hours as the creatures grazed. The shadow of night began to fall across the jungle planet and the creatures began to head back to their bedding area. Using perfect restraint she waited until a large but young male who was last in line began to pass her by. She silently slipped from the branch and fell upon the grazer. Her knives turned out to be perfect and slit the animals throat before he could tense up and ruin the meat. Upon returning to her tree she found that it had been visited by something different than the local animal life. There were soft but visible footprints in the soil and a few of her things that she had found had been moved. She began to follow them carrying her kill effortlessly over her shoulder. The jungle planet was vast, and it seemed as if she had traveled for miles. The footprints had begun to get fainter and fainter and harder to follow. Jen became discouraged and considered going back. At that exact moment she noticed a slight change in the temperature ahead. She continued on following what seemed to be a light or a fire of some kind. A few minutes later she passed over a small hill to find a small hut made of felled trees. To say the least Jen was delighted. An elderly woman owned the little shack and gladly introduced herself as Ladra. Jen was still curious as how the little old woman who looked to be in her fifties had walked all that way by herself and still managed to beat Jen there and not break a sweat. Her answer was simple and straightforward, practice. Jen was completely baffled at why an old woman would live in this forest and still want to train her elderly body. Ladra and Jen grew close in the two years she lived there. Jen always hunted for Ladra and in return Ladra cared for her and taught her many things. She taught Jen how to read and write, speak a large variety of languages and many other basic skills needed to survive in the current world. Jen grew to like Ladra, and even love her as her mother. Then came the day that Jen would learn that she was more than human, and could no longer stay with her beloved Ladra. The day had started out with an almost successful hunt. She had approached the large grazer from behind and from downwind. Her knives were sharp and so were her senses. She had begun her final approach when all of the sudden the large animal bolted. Jen had learned that these creatures didnt run for very long so she decided to go after it. She followed it for about a mile but lost it when it turned a bin and went down a side trail. Jen backtracked and found where she lost the animal. She followed the small trail for about a mile and found a horror as she turned a corner. There out in an open clearing a large creature resembling a rancor was feasting on her beast. Jens immediate reaction was to turn and run, but something overcame her. She felt an angry and dark presence surrounding the small clearing. Jen stayed just a bit too long and the creature noticed her. It let out a wale of frustration and anger at being disturbed from its meal and charged. Jen was in a state of almost pure peace with the small clearing and her subconscious mind took over. Using only her right and she grabbed the creature by its soft throat and squeezed. The pressure closed the creatures windpipe and possibly fractured it. She knew that she could let go now but instead listened to the creatures squeals of pain. She gave her wrist a twist and its neck broke with a sickening crack. When Jen returned to the small shack with nothing in her hands Ladra gave her a strange look and asked her where the food had gone. Jen merely shrugged and sat down. Ladra continued to stare at her with those mystical eyes. She sat down next to Jen and started up their always-present conversation of trying to remember Jens past. Jen participated with half attention and eventually gave up. Ladra put a finger on Jens temples and closed her eyes. That awkward moment continued for about five minutes until Ladra opened her eyes again with a gasp and muttered one word, darkness. From then on Ladra was never very open with Jen and barely spoke to her at all. A week went by and Jens patience finally failed. She asked Ladra if should could leave and Ladra said she wouldnt mind. This upset Jen a little but not enough to spoil her resolve. She asked for Ladras assistance and she said all she could do was point her in the right direction. Jen took Ladras directions and stumbled upon a group of slave hunters and was immediately captured. Jen was taken to their ship almost immediately and locked in the brig. She could hear their chatter next to her small door and found it her only form of amusement. They talked endlessly about how their new, pretty young thing was going to fetch them a hefty price. Jen knew what slave drivers where and had often discussed their immoral value with Ladra. She was taken to a small smuggling planet somewhere near Kress. There she was put on display as a personal slave and bought by a young hutt. The hutt took her to his personal yacht and headed off to Cariiela. There she was to serve as a dancer and personal entertainment for him and any company he might have. The hutt soon learned that Jen was very free spirited and refused to entertain him. He attempted to have her beaten into submission, but that failed. When the hutt realized that Jen was extra ordinary he made her his personal assistant. He dressed her up in old black Mallorean armor and had her pose as his bodyguard. The first time his life was threatened Jen refused to do anything but stand there and watch. The hutt decided that if she was going to stand there she might as well look pretty while she did it. He put her in the tightest most revealing clothing he could find and had her pose as his personal slave. She tolerated this only because it got her better foods and she was not expected to do anything but look pretty. All was going well for her as best that situation could go well until one day. It was a young human bounty hunter that caused the trouble. He had taken an eye for Jen and during the discussion of buying her he tried to slip a hand onto her bottom. Jen took this rather negatively and was very offended to say the least. The bounty hunter never managed to move his hand. Jen had moved so quickly that it was doubtful he even felt his death. The hut found this very amusing and decided to make an announcement: any man that could get a firm hand on her bottom could have her. This of course turned into a brawl, first between Jen and the weak bounty hunters, then between the bounty hunters and the nearest exit. The hutt seemed very angry and took her to market right away. There she was sold to a young trader by the name of Larkin. Larkin was the owner of a medium sized freighter called the black spear. The spear was actually a smuggling ship and Larkin a smuggler. Jen was made Larkins first mate and was treated with great respect. He always came to her with her problems and never mistreated her. He never acted like she was a slave, more like an adopted daughter. Jen eventually warmed up to him and never seemed to have a problem. Jen grew on him and him on her. Jen learned from Larkin about many things such as space travel, hyperspace flying, ship repairs, ship types, coding, and everything else he could possibly teach her. Jen always was a good bodyguard and saved Larkins life several times when the smuggling got a little bit dangerous. Jen adapted to her new life and wondered how long this would last. If she had known it wouldnt be much longer she would have made preparations. They were on a routine spice smuggling mission when it happened. They had forgotten to hide their ion trail and a bored Imperial fleet had followed them in hopes of returning the spice, or just targets practice. They caught up to them rather quickly and demanded the spice be returned. Larkin refused and began to prepare to make the hyperspace jump. He was counting on them caring too much about the spice to fire, but he was wrong. They fired their secondary batteries and sent the black spear plummeting to the surface of the near by desert planet. Larkin was killed on impact and Jen was badly injured. The fleet had sent out search parties that were unsuccessful. They searched for about a week but couldnt find the ship for it had been buried in a sand dune. Jen continued on without food or water for about three days after the crash. She eventually found a small oasis and was able to live off the water and small rodents that came to drink there. Three months past and all but one search party were rescued from the planets surface. Jen had grown bored in this time and began to wander the surrounding area. She had left the oasis without food or water and was in a state of delirium when the squad of stormtroopers found her. The stormtroopers took her in as a captive and possible the missing person they had been searching for. They cared for her and gave her plenty of food and rest for the next three days. She made a complete recovery much to the relief of the squad. Having a dead or crazy person on ones hands can be very stressful. Jen stayed with them for obvious reasons and learned many things. She was taught about basic ground communications and simple battle tactics. She mastered many basic skills such as blaster handling and the chain of command. Jen made the squad her new home as she had easily done with every other place she had been planted in. Months past and no rescue attempts were sent. Jen began to grow impatient. She had learned all she could from the squad without proper training facilities. She began to delight herself in playing with the short/long range communit and scanner. One day she was fiddling with the scanner and trying to intertwine the two programs to try and make contact with the squads camp when she came across a strange signal. She amplified the frequency and listened carefully. The message greatly excited her. Ground squad zero zero two this is frigate shadow 1, where are you guys? Jen immediately responded. This is GS Zero Zero two, we are reading you loud and clear. Transmitting our Lat and Long now. Jen tapped her datapad into the scanner/communit and sent their position to the ship. Jen ran at full speed toward the base and declared the good news. The squad was overjoyed at finally being rescued after two years. The ship sent down two officers who immediately had Jen put into custody. Upon further explanation of her past and current situation Jen was released from custody and free to roam about the ship. She spent almost all of her free time in the troopers barracks or quarters. She slept with them, ate with them, and did almost all of their drills with them. It was then that Jen decided that she would join the Imperial Army.

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