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Callsign: Eviscares  Send a message to Eviscares
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Eviscares
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: March 23
Date Joined: March 25, 2005
Last Active: September 9, 2019 at 10:49:31 AM
Number of Posts: 445
Web Page:
Biography: Name: Dkaleth al bek
Callsign: Eviscares
Age: 18
Height: 59
Weight: 68 Pounds
Hair Color: Platinum
Eye Color: Grey
Physical Traits: Scar at the side of his neck
Reason for joining the Empire: If you are from a family where service is tradition, than you dont get much of a choice. Besides this Dkaleth was really happy about the fact that he could join the Stormtroopers.
Place of Birth: Coruscant
Species: Human
The Al Bek Family has been a family of military service over generations, disregarding who currently held the Power in his hand, the Al Bek served in his ranks and always were top notch. It wasnt that much of political conviction but for the soldiers creed. If you carry the name Al Bek its something to live up to, at least in the eyes of your family, and so Dkaleth was trained from his child days on. When other children played hide and seek, young Dkaleth learned about squad tactics and great battles in history. At the age of 14 the inevitable happened, Dkaleth ran away from his home in a rush of teenage rebellion. From this day on he lived in the Underground of Coruscant. From his present point of view it could be considered a good extra training, but back then it was like hell. In the first two month, he saw and experienced everything his parents ever warned him about, but then he came in contact with a grup of youngsters called The Shadow Blades. They were a small group and earned their living mostly with courier runs and some illegal tournaments. In one of this fights Dkaleth earned his nickname, and later callsign Eviscares, and the distinct scar alongside his neck. It was a bloody fight to death with a member of a rival gang called The White Fires and the bets were definitely against Dkaleth. To boost his chances he took a whole lot of steroids that made him a half crazy killing machine. It was this rage that saved his live, but he payed for it with a serious addiction. Whilst the fight he received a cut to the side of his neck, the wound was bloody, but not that severe, so the match went on and young Dkaleth took on his enemy. Not only did he slay him but he disemboweld the poor right in the middle of the arena. As he awoke from his intoxication he was held captive in a small chamber. Not knowing what was going on, weak and frightened he began hitting the iron door big. After half a day, the head of the Shadow Blades entered just to tell Eviscares that he had won, but because of his serious rage was now considered too dangerous and had to walk his way alone from then on. A couple of days later, when the wound at his neck was healed, he was turned adrift. What seemed to make his situation worse in reality was his salvation. One day when he was roving on the streets he saw his mother and decided to take his best shot and try to get home. When he first talked to her, she didnt recognize him, as he was dirty, his hair grown long and his clothes ragged and dirty. But when he called her by her mothers name, she understood that the beggar he was talking to, was her son. It turned out that the Al Bek at first searched for their son, but then gave up when they didnt find him after a year. As he came home, his father at first didnt believe him, and thought that he was only someone impersonating his son. In a long interrogation, Dkaleth had to prove that he really was the person he said he was. In this long father-son talk, he told his father everything even about his addiction. Shocked that his son had fallen this far he decided that it would be best if Dkaleth got help and admitted him to a clinic for addicts. After two years of therapy, Dkaleth was ultimately clean and stable enough to start his training with the Troopers.
Former Jester Squad
VE Smoker Association
IronHorseSquad forever in my heart!

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