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Slick's Profile Information
Callsign: Slick  Send a message to Slick
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Slick
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: July 26
Date Joined: February 17, 2005
Last Active: August 11, 2014 at 5:12:07 PM
Number of Posts: 635
ID Line: TRP/SGT Slick/3SQD/1PLT/1COM/1BAT/1RGT/VEA/VE/Tadath[LoR][CoR][CoH]
Biography: Name: Aiden Branson Callsign: Slick Age: 22 standard years Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brownish-green Skin Color: White Height: 5" 7' Weight: 140 lbs Blood Type: A+ Physical Build: Slightly muscular, but with more focus on lower body strength Homeworld: Corellia Native Language: Galactic basic Talents/Abilities: 1) A street fighter by nature. Very adept with fighting with his fists 2) Has a nearly photo-graphic memory when it comes to tactics Biography: Aiden was born to a middle class family on Corellia. He was the oldest of three children, and had to take care of them most of the time. His mother worked in one of shops nearby, because their father was often gone. Growing up they heard many stories of the glories Empire from their father, a veteran of the Galactic Civil War. Aiden knew he wanted to grow up, and become a stormtrooper like his father before him. When he reached the age of seventeen he left his home planet, and travelled to Kaut. He quickly found work in one of the many starship factories. He worked hard to save up the credits that would take him to Tadath, and enter the Stormtrooper Acadamy. During his time on Kaut, he became a well known street fighter. If you wanted to live you had to learn how to fight. In one such fight he was attacked by a man with a vibro-blade. It was a terrible battle, and Aiden got a check shaped slash on his upper lip from the fight. When he had enough credits he took a transport to Tadath, and enlisted in the Stormtrooper Academy. After his graduation from the academy, he tried to look up his family. He found out that his younger sister is a captain in the New Republic Navy, and his brother had enlisted with the Empire. Aiden has been known to be very headstrong, and rush in before thinking things through. He has a keen tactical mind, and is quite good at all things strategy. He works best under pressure, and tends to take charge when others faulter. He hopes to see himself as an officer in the Imperial army, to lead and fight for the glory of the Empire! During Imperial Service: During his time at the Stormtrooper Academy, Aiden was promoted to the rank of private first class and received the Letter of Recommendation(LoR). He was placed in the special operation's squad, Wraith right after his graduation. He spent several months with Wraith squad, and participated in several successful missions. He requested a transfer to the multi-environment infantry squad Raiders, to further his career in the Empire. The request was granted, and he reported to Raider squad leader 1st Liuetenant Raziel. He was only with the Raiders for a short time however. A new squad leader was needed, and Aiden applied for the position. He went through a very lengthy interview given by many of his superiors. Chosen as the best candidate for the job, he was told to report to the close combat squad Lancer. For his service to the Empire, Aiden received a promotion to the rank of lance corporal. He did several missions with the Lancers, and was promoted to the rank of corporal. Due to lack of manpower, Aiden decided to disband Lancer squad to fill in the other squads. Many of his soldiers did not agree with this decision, and a mutiny was barely averted. For the things he had done to help the Empire Aiden was presented with the Crescent of Heroism(CoH), and the Cross of Resolve(CoR), and was promoted to the rank of sergeant. He was then placed in command of one of his old squad, the multi-environment infantry squad Raiders. During that time he has done his best to become a great squad leader, and has done fairly well. He was just recently divorced, and drifted from the scene for several weeks, leaving the squad in the hands of his assistant corporal Darr-Rann. Now that he is settled again, he is ready for action. After his prolonged leave he returned to duty, and took command of his original squad Wraith. After several months of duty, he felt a calling, and left the squad under the command of gunnery sergeant Sniping101. Then after several months working with Imperial Intelligence, sergeant Slick returned to active duty. He didn't return to a command position, but joined Raider squad as a regular trooper under the command of several of his former troops. The future holds more for this promising non-commissioned officer.
Sergeant Slick
ack Squad


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