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Eeth Koth's Profile Information
Callsign: Eeth Koth  Send a message to Eeth Koth
ComNet Rank: ComNet Novice
Avatar: Eeth Koth
Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Date Joined: February 14, 2005
Last Active: May 23, 2005 at 03:28:07 PM
Number of Posts: 34
ID Line: FM/CRW/Eeth Koth/Keph 1-3/Wing1/mSSD Atrus/DEF/VE
Biography: Name: Eeth Koth Callsign: Burner Age: 23 Race: Zedrak Home Planet: Tulas The story Eeth remmbers as a kid always going to the starport with his dad Cosh when he would go on his deployments with the EMPIRE. He rembers whatching his dad Step onto that shuttle that day and saying good luck father. But little did he know that day would be the last day he would see his father again. About a week later the datapad would go off and on the other line was a friend of his fathers telling his mother that Cosh was shot out of space by a rebel X-Wing. When she asked were it happend he could not say. As Eeth grow older he would find him self woring at the starport fixing space craft and learning how to fly at the age of 18 he enlisted into IMP Navy. And found him self in the smae traing SQ as his father and after his fourth hope he was given the callsine burner after shoot down his instructer in a training opp. After Finishing Flight Training we was sent To VE were he was put into Keph SQ and tould by his XO "Only the best get sent to VE but the GEATEST are put into Keph dont let us down". Pilots File: Eeth Koth Instructers Notes Burner is a natural but is a bit wild on the stick and flys by the seat of his pants you can never guess what he will do next i fell sorry for and rebel that gets him behind them. He is well rounded gets along with every one shy at first but warms up quick. I forsee him going fare in the navy End Notes Instructers Note Burner has has finished at the top of his class and is being sent to the VE Sec. He is very eger to see combat He wil be a great assest End Notes
Eeth Koth
We Live in Space and Die By Fire.
FM/LCRW Eeth Koth/Kaph2 /Wing1/mSSD Atrus/DEF/VEN (=A=) [MC:2]

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