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Dirk's Profile Information
Callsign: Dirk  Send a message to Dirk
ComNet Rank: ComNet n00b
Avatar: Dirk
Gender: Male
Species: Sullustan
Birthday: September 17
Date Joined: January 10, 2005
Last Active: March 19, 2005 at 9:05:59 AM
Number of Posts: 23
ID Line: FM/CR Dirk Muab/Nazgul 1-3/Wing 1/mSSD Atrus/Defensive Fleet/VEN/VE
Biography: Name: Dirk Muab
Origin: Sullust
Height: 1.4m (4ft7)
Eye colour: Black
Hair: None
Language: Only Sullustan and Math

Dirk Muab was actually a scientist working for the SoroSuub corporation during the Civil war. He worked for the corporations on starship designs and he was kept ignorant as to how the rest of his species were being treated by the Galactic Empire.

After a great many Sullustan pilots fought during the battle of Endor SoroSuub was allied with the New Republic. Dirk escaped with a group of former pro-imperial leaders of the corporation and a group scientists. Unfortunately Dirk was rejected by a group of Xenophoebic imperial scientists, who claimed he could not work for them because of language differences.

Decided to use his natural piloting abilities he worked for some freelance fighter pilots for a while, before finding a more tolerant imperial faction and quickly signed up for training.

He uses his natural sense of direction and his calculating mind, as well as his inplicit knowledge of starship workings to help him as a pilot. He does however lack some flare, as his piloting can only be desribed as "efficient" and lacking imagination.

more to come. . .
FM/CR Dirk Muab/Nazgul 1-3/Wing 1/mSSD Atrus/Defensive Fleet/VEN/VE

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