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Zafo's Profile Information
Callsign: Zafo  Send a message to Zafo
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Zafo
Division(s): VE - Engineering Corps
VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: May 27
Date Joined: April 30, 2004
Last Active: April 29, 2016 at 2:05:52 PM
Number of Posts: 765
Biography: Name: ZaFo
Species: Humanoid
Height: 5'7
Weight: 130 Ibs
Hair Color: Light Brown
Hair Style: Long
Eye Color: One Green, One Hazel
Home planet: Unknown

A bolt of lightning streaked across the night sky. The deafening explosion of tthunder that followed cut off the man in mid-sentence. His bold silhouette stood out against the night sky.

"I'm sorry!" the man hollered over the heavy rain, "I have no choice!"

The man was shouting at a young child, no more than 12 years old, standing at the other end of the landing platform. Had it not been for that kid, the man would be long gone by now.

Lightning flashed once again, revealing the man clad in some strange kind of armor standing meters away from his sleek silver starship. The kid waited for the thunder to erupt and fade before opening his mouth to speak;

"But I'm your Son!" the kid shouted, trying to fight back the tears so desperately trying to escape.

The man, sensing the child's agony walked boldly over to where his son was standing. He placed his gloved hand upon his son's soaked shoulder and removed his helmet. The man took a long look at his only child, the tears running down his face confused with raindrops. Slowly the man removed his hand off his sons shoulder and reached for the pistol holstered at his side. He drew it out and held it in his outstretched arm towards his child. The young boy grabbed the pistol with two hands and let of a stream of tears, which were covered by the rain. The kid knew how much that pistol meant to his father. Even at such a young age, he understood the incredible firepower that pistol had. He had seen it in action.

"I'm sorry..." The bold figure muttered before putting on his helmet and walking towards his ship. He kept on walking and got on to his ship, without once turning back. The kid felt his world caving in upon him and he heard the roar of the engines propelling his father into space. He would never see him again...


That, was the worst thing Zafo ever faced. His father was an accomplished bounty hunter who ever since Zafo could walk, was training him to follow in his footsteps. When his father left him, it destroyed him. Seeing no point in staying wherever he was when that tragic event happened, he snuck aboard a random cargo freighter. He traveled the galaxy this way for a couple of months. To help ease his pain, the young Zafo made the mistake of turning to spices and alcohol to help him overcome his emotional pain. Using the substances at such a young age caused him to slowly forget the painful memory and turn into the person he remains today.

At the age of fifteen Zafo made the wise choice to lay off the spices. He was starting to feel some effects that he feared would never go away if he kept up his abusive behavior. Realizing he needed some form of income, Zafo began doing small bounty hunter jobs for small time gangsters on various planets. All the training and tricks his father had given him were paying off. Zafo quickly made a name for himself. Bigger and Bigger gangsters were approaching him with work.

By sixteen Zafo had made enough money to purchase a house. He bought a piece of land on Tatooine seeing as that was close to where most of his clients resided. He began to invest his money into things that would make him a more efficient bounty hunter; better weapons, some vehicles his own starship and other such items.

By seventeen, he had gone overboard with the money spending. He invested a lot of money into his house and property. Seeing as he lived in a somewhat poor area, this attracted the attention of local security. They began an investigation, which in the end, allowed them to find out that Zafo was a bounty hunter. Luckily, Zafo got tipped off and was able to leave the planet undetected. He left behind all just about all his possession he had acquired over the past two years. He couldn't bring much because he got out the same way he got in, stowed away on a cargo ship. He did this because he was worried he was being tracked, and escaping this way would raise the least alarm.

The cargo ship brought him to Courusant. What he saw there shocked him; he was on wanted lists. Going through all the possible courses of action in his head, one in particular stood out to him. Join the imperial army. He started to collect information and next thing he knew, he was enlisted in the Stormtrooper Corps of an Imperial division known as The Vast Empire .

After getting out of Drill, Zafo was put into the Dark Dragoons squad, where he still remains. At the rank of Corporal, Zafo's achievement in several missions has landed him a spot on the second ARC Squad. After slightly over a year of service in the Dragoons, Zafo was made the Assistant Squad Leader of the Dragoons under the command of Senior Sergeant Kairo. This is where the history ends and the story continues...
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Live, Love, Ride.

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