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Callsign: blah909  Send a message to blah909
ComNet Rank: ComNet Cadet
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Division(s): VE - Imperial Navy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: January 1
Date Joined: May 1, 2003
Last Active: October 15, 2006 at 9:39:55 AM
Number of Posts: 287
Biography: Tobias Kneoic

| 1.8 meters | 70kg | Black Hair | Dark Brown Eyes | Of Typical Lookings | Light Toned Skin, But Not Quite "Pasty" | Of Ambitious, False, Aristocratic Nature | Makes a Mean Omlette | In It For The Glam |

"Starfighter extraordinaire", or at least that's what the arcade holo machine told him. He first achieved this notable rank amongst the local crowd at age 12, after hours of practice. So he was addicted to arcade holo machines, so what? That's where he meet the first love of his life, but that's not important. Since eleven years of age he's grown up with this glamour of green lasers, and it was obviously the influencing factor during that crucial point in his life, the ages of 17-18. On Corellia, he certainly saw the effect money had on your position, and ever since has aspired to rise to the vanguard of Imperial society. This perfect economy. Didn't the rebels see that this was the salvation of mankind, the ultimate allocation of resources in order to maximize upon the efforts of trillions of sentiment life forms? This rebellion threatened this perfect world, and Tobias Kneoic answered the call to duty. The recruitment officer was surprised he didn't even have to mention the brothels of the universe. Of course, this was the naval recruiting office. Although he was unable to likely achieve officer status upon entering, the navy was certainly more prestigious than lugging a combat kit around the backwater clods of dirt in the ground-borne stormtrooper corps(OOC: I don't mean it). Besides, fighting from a TIE fighter was certainly more glamorous. They never glamorized the common foot solider, they glamorized the aces. And imagine how that would look on his resume when this whole rebellion thing is squashed. A leading ace in the Great War of the Galaxy. Yes, the navy would serve its purpose in the life of Mr. Kneoic.

Boot camp was excruciating, it was as if he had indeed signed up for the damnable ground forces. He had contested, using a great deal of rational statements, that hand-to-hand combat would be unnecessary for starfighter pilots, and that the time spent going over this useless technique would be put to better use in the cockpit. It took four weeks for the joint to regain its full range of motion.

Aviation school was easier, and he approached it with a cocky attitude, which was quickly reprimanded by instructors. Yes, you've got good reflexes. Yes, you've got good situational awareness. No, you still can't fly a TIE worth bantha poo you uppity dirt hugger. Yes, you do need to learn to fly a damned flight pattern. And yes, it is necessary to learn how to land properly. Idiot. Now practice polishing my TIE.

Tobias Kneoic next challenge was getting into a squadron. He figured if they're short on pilots, so if he's made it through flight school he's clear. Not much of a challenge, but based on his interactions with previous naval officers (of rather low class he might add) he will have to bite his tongue quite frequently. Wouldn't do to argue with the Admiral.

But he does have ambition, and he does believe in this government, he believes it could be an utopia. He just hopes someone can recognize that with a commission.
FM/SCR Tobias Kneoic/Aegis 2-7/Phoenix/Atrus/1st Fleet/VEN/VE/(=A=)

^Fancy 'nuff?

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