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MaraJade's Profile Information
Callsign: MaraJade  Send a message to MaraJade
ComNet Rank: ComNet Cadet
Donation Status: Imperial Duke ($150.00)
Avatar: MaraJade
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthday: January 1
Date Joined: December 6, 2002
Last Active: April 20, 2010 at 5:22:59 PM
Number of Posts: 220
Web Page:
Biography: Name: Mara Jade
Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Hair: Auburn Red, falls below shoulders
Eyes: Emerald Green

Mara joined the Vast Empire to make a difference in the galaxy... she was raised by her father, her mother died after injuries from a rebel attack that spilled over into their village. Mara was always bitter and resentful towards the rebels. Mara was a fiercely determined young woman and though her father wished he could have taught her some feminine arts he lacked the knowledge. He raised her the best he could and she grew up to be a beautiful strong willed woman with the ability to shoot the eye out of a crystal snake a mile away.

Mara applied to the Vast Empire and impressed her commanders with her ability to get tasks done quickly, she loved her platoon and thought that they were all fairly crazy. She found it an easy transition into the military life, and quickly found her place as a slicer and a ad hoc duct tape medic. After a time Mara found herself in charge of the Raiders and lead them as their Squad leader. Her skills grew daily as a leader and as a slicer, she found herself in exotic places and in peculiar situations. Her happiness was complete and she wrote home to her father weekly to tell him about her latest mission or a new addition to her squad. She wrote home to him to cry on his shoulder when she lost a trooper, or when she was feeling homesick. He always wrote her back promptly and sent her pictures from home. Mara keeps a scrapbook of her life and loves bringing it out to add new photos or stories to.

Mara had tons of pictures of her friend Kami and her getting into silly situations and was always telling her father about them. It was about a year into her career that her father failed to write her back, and finally when a note came it wasn't from him, but about him. He was brutally murdered by rebels while defending the neighbors home. Mara was crushed, and withdrew for a while... she pushed herself into her work thinking of little else... then her squad faded out and her favorite troopers disappeared, she had no one other than lazy replacements and her reliable enigma of an ASL.

Mara spent most of her time working or planning missions in the simulator, however slowly she was opening back up and spending time with her friends, she was focusing and working hard towards her ultimate goal of joining the DJO. She knew it was a hard road, but she was prepared to take it. She had no family left and her life was dedicated to revenge for her family. With her heart hardened she lead her troopers and focused on her studies with the goal of being the best slicer in the empire.

Senior Sergeant MaraJade
Army of the Vast Empire


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