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Lukas_Yuy's Profile Information
Callsign: Lukas_Yuy  Send a message to Lukas_Yuy
ComNet Rank: ComNet Member
Avatar: Lukas_Yuy
Division(s): VE - Stormtrooper Corps
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birthday: January 1
Date Joined: May 30, 2002
Last Active: February 5, 2023 at 9:13:10 PM
Number of Posts: 504
Biography: Physical Description
Name: Lukas Yuy
Age: 21
Height: 5’5’’
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eye color: Prussian blue
Hair color: Brown


Independent, ruthless, and cold. Lukas doesn’t show very much emotion and is a man of very few words. He will use any and all means/resources to complete a mission at any cost.

Historical Background

Father: Hiroshi Yuy (Deceased, was apart of the Imperial Royal guard)
Mother: Ayame Yuy (Deceased, was apart of Imperial Intelligence)

Many people know me for who I am now…but who was I in the earlier years of my life?

Both of his parents were killed during an attempt to assassinate the Emperor, leaving him with nothing. A few months after the attempt, a young mercenary by the name of Durzo took him underneath his wing and began to train him. Growing up Lukas never had friends; he spent many nights and days of training with various weapons ranging from hand to hand combat to sniper rifles and hand guns.

From the age could hold a weapon, Lukas had been bred to kill. When he got his first assignment to kill a high ranking government official in the outer colonies of Raxius prime, he took the challenge head on. Lukas snuck into the chamber the official was in and grabbed the man by his hair and slid the knife across his windpipe seamlessly making the clean kill, blood splattered up against the white chamber walls. That was when he was at the age of 10…

Durzo never stopped training him, he would attack him in his sleep, while he was eating, and of course while he was training. Lukas was the only person he had ever taken as an apprentice. Many rich families had heard of Durzo’s greatness of being the top assassin in the city, and tried to pay him vast amounts of money but he turned down the offers. While Durzo sharpened his skills in combat, a woman named Alexia trained Lukas on the psychological side of things, like reading and writing as well as manipulation. She was a long time friend of Durzo’s, so she kind of became a second mother to Lukas even though he never really knew who his parents were.

At the age of 16, Alexia and Durzo had taught Lukas everything they had known and learned over the years in the business and trade of killing. There was nothing more they could train him on so Lukas left the planet of Talanova, in search of jobs he could use his talent. He joined up in a small group of mercenaries called Shadowrunner. They were a notorious group of top assassin’s around the galaxy. There, Lukas ascended the ranks rather quickly to become the mercenary’s leader right hand man.

In order to become the leader of the faction, Lukas would have to kill his Master. The only interesting thing was that no one had ever seen his face, only knew him by voice. Again, Lukas took this task head on and won, but it wasn’t an easy win. After killing the leader, he removed the mask to find out that it was Durzo, his father figure. Durzo seemed to have a smile on his face.

Lukas would never know what that smile meant, nor would he ever try to figure it out.

At the age of 21, Lukas joined the Vast Empire military and joined the Stormtrooper Corps. He didn’t have a reason why he joined but would lend his skills to military. Upon graduating basic, he was put into Wraith squad…the Special Operations squad, who was under the command of Kuroishi. Lukas would become a well known trooper who attained the rank of Assistant Squad Leader.
Name: Lukas Yuy
Rank: Senior Sergeant
Position: Trooper
ID Line: AS-4/TRP/SSG Lukas Yuy/3SQD/Phoenix/Dragon/Osiris/Stormtrooper Corps/Vast Empire Army/Vast Empire/Tadath/[SCA][FCE]
Occupation: Sniper/Special Forces
Jester Squad

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