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Callsign: the3Djedi  Send a message to the3Djedi
ComNet Rank: ComNet Initiate
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Gender: Unknown
Species: Human
Birthday: January 1
Date Joined: March 27, 2002
Last Active: March 18, 2007 at 12:12:57 AM
Number of Posts: 143
ID Line: TRP/SGT the3djedi/3SQD/1PLT/1COM/1BAT/1RGT/VEA/VE[IG]RoM]
Biography: Born on the planet of Thyferra, the3Djedi had an easy life growing up for his first 6 years. His father was a wealthy Imperial officer, and he had all the comforts of home. Then, when he was 6, a Rebel assault force attacked. They killed his parents and destroyed his home. He saved himself by hiding in an old abandoned bacta tank until the fighting was over. Though alive, the 3Djedi’s world was all but dead. Everything that had brought meaning and security in his life was now gone. He found himself roaming the streets of Thyferra, begging for food and money. One day the3Djedi met a veteran stormtrooper named Roz. Roz immediately took a liking to the3Djedi, seeing his sharp mind. A friendship quickly ensued and, when Roz was summoned back to his base, he took the3Djedi with him. Roz had more in mind than just giving the3Djedi a place to live. Right away he began training him in the ways of the Empire. He taught him the basics of weaponry and the secrets of carrying out missions. By the time he was 9 he had mastered the E-11 and had learned practically everything there was about the Imperial Army. When the3Djedi turned 13, Roz was killed by an assassin named the “Dark Blade”. He had been on a mission to the planet Nal Hutta. Crushed by the sudden turn of events, the3Djedi once again found himself on his own. He was able to stay on the base doing odd jobs. All the while he struggled within himself to accept the losses life had dealt to him. Then one day the3Djedi saw a group of guys that called themselves the “Hawks”. The3Djedi found out that the Hawks were an anti-Rebel group periodically hired by the Empire for special missions. He persuaded the leader to let him join, and he took his oath to stay loyal to the Empire. The3Djedi was promoted to the leader of the Hawks at age 18. Leading the Hawks on a mission to Barkesh, he was captured by the Rebels. He was taken to a Rebel detention center, interrogated, and thrown into a cell. After being imprisoned for 6 months, the3Djedi was finally released, no explanations given. He then bought a ride back to his home on Thyferra. He was a complete stranger to everyone there, having been gone for over 12 years. The3Djedi managed to find work at a small shop there, and eventually bought a place of his own. His life was pretty routine, but it seemed to suit his mood. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But nothing lost, either. Two years had passed when the3Djedi saw the recruiting post for the Vast Empire on the Holo-Net. He thought maybe it was time for change and decided to sign up for the Vast Empire Army.
Sergeant the3Djedi
Wildcard Platoon
Army Of The Vast Empire
cRaZy - Affected with madness; insane

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